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While Floki Inu Price Explodes, These Lesser-Known Altcoins Could 10x

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Floki Inu (FLOKI) rocked markets this week with a surprise +200% rally smashing a year of stagnant price action.

With FLOKI currently trading at $0.0000585 – a 24hr gain of +5.80% at the time of writing, investors are on edge to see just how high this rally can go.

The chart structure currently paints a retracement of -15% over 48hrs from a local rally top at $0.000068.

FLOKI hasn’t reached such heights in almost a year. Indeed, $0.00007 will be a familiar area of resistance to long-term holders.

TradingView / FLOKI USDT

Back in February 2022 – the last time FLOKI tested this level – price action was brutally rejected against a backdrop of poor macro sentiment for risk-on assets. This led to a depressing year of bleed-out price action for FLOKI.

But things are bouncing back. The jaw-dropping 200% rally on Wednesday has created a beautiful bullish pendant as consolidation seems to be holding. This bullish technical structure suggests FLOKI is primed to push up further.

Another leg to this rally could see a zero knocked off the price, with $0.0001 (+71%) the next ceiling of resistance.

Yet, if bulls lose their grip a breakdown from here could see a tumble to the nearest local support zone at $0.000035 (-40%).

How high can Floki Inu (FLOKI) rally?

With the RSI 14 is sat at 69. This is an overbought signal, but it can be seen that the RSI is cooling down rapidly after Wednesday’s explosive move.

The signal here could be another day or two of consolidation before things become oversold and price pushes up.

FLOKI’s MACD is showing minor bullish divergence at 0.00000199. Reflecting the seismic rally after a year of suppressive sell pressure.

TradingView / FLOKI USDT

Overall, with a topside target of $0.0001 (+71%) and downside risk to $0.000035 (-40%). The current Risk:Reward ratio for FLOKI is 1.77.

This is an attractive entry, with decent upside potential. But also showcases the significant volatility around this asset.

Lesser known altcoins that could 10x in 2023

With risky assets like Floki Inu plagued by immensely high volatility, many investors could be hesitant to consider investing in such projects. Here are a few gems picked out by the CryptoNews analysts that might offer more stable 10x returns.

Meta Masters Guild ($MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is intent on changing the GameFi space for the better. This promising new sector has been reputationally damaged by an intense focus on monetization – a huge put off for players globally. MMG is on a mission to change this, partnering with major triple AAA studios such as GameAround to deliver a high-octane immersive video gaming experience well ahead of any in-game economics via the growing MMG ecosystem.

$MEMAG is currently on presale in the final 7th round with only one day left until the presale ends! The price of $MEMAG is $0.023 a token.

The ecosystem already has a number of games in the presale including Meta Kart Racers and Raid NFT.

This is impressive project growth from an ecosystem that hasn’t even finished presale funding!

One of the most exciting games under development is Meta Masters World – aiming to deliver strategy gaming to the Web3 market for the first time.

Players start with a small army, and set out into a war-torn world of PvP empire-building.

You can acquire your land by accumulating riches or blood spilled.

There is full character customization planned to allow you to become the character you always imagined.

And if you acquire enough land in the meta – your empire will pay you in real life with the planned in-game currency redeemable for $MEMAG too.

There, of course, will be an economics marketplace similar to RuneScape that will allow players to use $MEMAG to upgrade their empires.

More details are set to be revealed on this title soon. Follow Meta Masters Guild on Discord and Telegram to keep up to date.

Participate in the $MEMAG presale here!

Delivering next-gen Move-2-Earn in Web3: Fight Out

Get ready to sweat and win big with Fight Out ($FGHT). The presale for the FGHT token is ending soon, and there’s no better time to jump on board.

Fight Out is changing the way we all will think about fitness. Not only does the app track your real-life workouts, but it also rewards you for participating in challenges, classes, and personal routines.

<oembed url="https://twitter.com/FightOut_/status/1625917990565736449?s=20[/embed]

Fight Out is introducing the masses to move-to-earn (M2E) on Web3 and creating a new, fun way to approach fitness.

You’ll earn $REPS, redeemable for discounts and perks. And using the in-app native utility token $FGHT gives you even more exclusive benefits. This includes the chance to level up your earnings!

To sweeten the deal, they’re giving away $250k to a lucky presale participant.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the revolution. Head to Fight Out’s website to learn more about the pre-sale and secure your spot in the future of sports.

Visit Fight Out Now

Arcade Gaming Revival? Tamadoge ($TAMA)

Tamadoge’s Web3 gaming platform offers arcade-style games with a play-to-earn reward system. The TAMA cryptocurrency, available on several exchanges, serves as both a collectible and a tool to upgrade stats.

Tamadoge’s upcoming games and developments are expected to drive the TAMA token price, following the successful $19 million presale in 2022.

The huge roadmap of more games on the platform, combined with the high interest in memecoins, and the fact that the project has a memecoin that has actual utility, make TAMA one of the best altcoins to buy today.

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Putting EV profits in your pocket: C+Charge

C+Charge ($CCHG) is a new cryptocurrency that’s shaking up the carbon credit industry.

This innovative start-up aims to take advantage of projected $2.4 trillion growth in the industry by 2027. And you don’t have to look far to see its relevance.

Up and down the roads, we’re seeing EV charging stations popping up for fleets of gleaming Teslas. And C+Charge is proposing a chance for everyday people to claim a slice of the pie.

The company offers a Peer-2-Peer (P2P) payment system for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging using blockchain technology.

With this system, EV drivers can earn carbon credits and profit from the industry’s growth.

Currently, only big EV manufacturers like Tesla are taking advantage of carbon credits. Why should these profits centralize in the hands of a few?

C+Charge aims to level the playing field and put these rewards in the hands of EV owners.

The pre-sale of the CCHG token is already underway, giving early investors a chance to get in on the ground floor of this eco-friendly project. There is also a $50k giveaway for early bird investors.

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Join the C+Charge revolution today and be a part of a project that’s making a difference for the environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support a promising project that has the potential for big returns.

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