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Web3 Metaverse & Creator Platform ZTX Raises $13 Million in Blockbuster Fundraising Round

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 2 min read

Web3 metaverse and creator platform ZTX just closed a successful $13 million seed round led by leading crypto investment firm Jump Crypto, according to a press release sent to

ZTX was able to attract investments from big names in the web3 investment space like Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, Everest Ventures Group and others in the process.

“We’re excited to share news about our fundraising round,” said Chris Jang, the Co-CEO of ZTX.

“We have been building steadily and discreetly for well over a year, and with our token launch happening in the coming months we want to emphasize the commitment that our investors, just like our team, have toward our vision to provide an infrastructure layer to creators.”

Investors Have High Hopes For ZTX

The fund-raising round’s success reflects investors’ continued confidence in the future of web3 metaverses.

It also suggests strong confidence in ZTX itself, thanks in no small part to the team’s massive success in the web2 metaverse world.

ZTX’s legacy web2 business ZEPETO is the fourth largest metaverse platform in the world, having attracted over 400 million lifetime users and only lagging Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft.

ZEPETO also boasts a host of high profile active strategic partnerships, including with the likes of Gucci and Starbucks.  

The team working on ZTX include veterans from Apple, Roblox, Epic and EA, as well as experienced builders from Cosmos, Flow, Solana and other highly successful web3 ecosystems.

“We believe that ZTX has the potential to create a unique world, setting it apart from all other Web3 metaverse projects,” said Yuki Kanayama a General Partner at MZ Web3 Fund.

“The ZTX team’s expertise in both the metaverse and Web3 is exceptional, and we have high expectations for their future endeavors”.

Elsewhere, Collab+Currency Partner Stephen McKeonremarked that “as a crypto-focused venture fund, we back visionary teams who are using decentralized technology to shape the next wave of consumer products”.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this round, supporting ZTX’s exceptional team and their unique advantages… ZTX can provide a distinct infrastructure layer for diverse NFT projects and web3 builders with its creator-focused tooling, and we look forward to helping ZTX succeed in its ambitious mission”.

ZTX Is Moving Fast to Make An Impact

Despite only being founded in 2022 in a joint initiative from Jump Crypto and ZEPETO, ZTX is moving fast to build out its product and make an impact on the web3 industry.

The platform has already launched its Playtest, a private, invite-only beta version of its upcoming 3D metaverse platform.

ZTX has also partnered with a leading web3 start-up called Dust Labs, which provided the technology behind the y00ts and DeGods digital collections.

The two will work together on ZTX Partner Wearables, where ZTX will provide the tools required to facilitate the creation of 3D assets that can be used in 3D open world metaverses.

Additionally, ZTX will soon launch its first Genesis Home Mint, where a collection of 4,000 ZTX-based original 3D metaverse homes will be sold.