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Verasity and Creo Engine Partner to Enhance Creo Play with Video Capabilities and Innovative Rewards


Verasity, an ad-tech company and issuer of the $VRA token, has announced a new partnership with Creo Engine, a rapidly expanding web3 gaming platform, to integrate VeraViews’ video player functionality and in-game rewards into Creo Play’s extensive gaming library. In the words of Verasity CEO RJ Mark, this marks “the first of many web3 gaming partnerships that will advance adoption of the VeraViews video player in the blockchain space.”

Creo Engine is a web3 gaming ecosystem intended to become the foundation of Asia’s digital entertainment ecosystem and a source of financial empowerment. The platform’s blockchain technology ensures security and resilience, fostering financial well-being in the mobile gaming industry and presenting novel avenues for creators and users to acquire rewards.

Creo Engine’s Creo Play is a specialized platform developers use to facilitate the integration of digital products and games, thereby establishing a unified metaverse characterized by genuine interoperability. This specialized platform, being a dynamic center for web3 gaming, offers developers a streamlined platform and resilient infrastructure to deploy and integrate their games effortlessly.

Additionally, the collaboration between Verasity and Creo Engine includes a notable prospect of integrating Rewarded Video technology and an independent video segment in the Creo Play App that grants users access to tournaments, content, and replays. More than thirty web3-based games are currently developed on the Creo Engine.

Creo Play will have the opportunity to investigate supplementary sources of income by utilizing contextual advertisements provided by VeraView’s ad server, which is integrated with prominent ad networks, including Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and Pubmatic. 

Verasity, conversely, will have its VeraViews video player environment promoted to the general web3 gaming niche, thereby augmenting the overall gaming experience worldwide.

Furthermore, Verasity and Creo Engine announced to further investigate the possibility of releasing Watch & Earn (rewarded video) functionality for Creo Play games and collaborate on implementing a dedicated video environment for Creo Play game highlights. 

This partnership is an element of Verasity’s targeted strategy towards Web3 gaming, which builds upon recent accomplishments. Previously, the firm announced the launch of VeraAds in November 2023—a platform that directly applies VeraViews advertising functionalities to blockchain brands— as well as the burning of 50% of its maximum token supply in the preceding month.