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Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

There are very few sectors in which the impact of AI is felt more than the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. As the demand for AI products and utility increases, so does the appetite of investors to grab their piece of the pie.

This has led many large investors, and small ones, to seek out crossover investments that intersect two of the fastest growing sectors in the world–Crypto and AI. Bittensor, whose TAO token has topped a whopping $3.5B market cap in recent days, is one such investment that has brought in hundreds of millions from Venture Capital firms.

As the TAO tsunami continues to pound all-time highs, crypto investors are scrambling to find the next big token in the niche. For a growing number of investors, this may be the ultra-low market cap AI meme coin WienerAI ($WAI).

Binance Listings Of AI Tokens On The Rise

Binance is known as a king-maker in the crypto world, accounting for the most trading volume on any centralized crypto exchange by a large margin. Recently, Binance has more readily opened its gates to both AI tokens (TAO) and meme coins (BOME). The result? Billion dollar market caps for both.

It’s no wonder then that the rumor mill is beginning to churn around the upstart AI meme coin WienerAI. By combining two of the most powerful narratives currently dominating crypto, thereby aligning itself with Binance’s current interests, WienerAI is perfectly positioned for a future listing.

While the stars still have to align on a number of fronts for WienerAI investors to get their Binance wish–it seems that at the current presale price of $0.0003, traders are climbing over one another to grab what they believe is their next 10000X meme coin.

$125,000 Raised In Mere Minutes Of Presale Launch

Weaving the two most popular sectors in crypto, the team behind WienerAI has created a tapestry that is one of the most enticing prospects seen this year. And traders have been put on notice by the mammoth $125,000 raised within mere hours of the WienerAI presale going live. This is only serving to further fan the flames of rumor, as traders wonder if there are large insiders speculating about a possible Tier 1 Centralized exchange listing. 

Binance,, Coinbase, OKX–an endorsement from any one of these exchanges would bring tens of millions of dollars into WienerAI on day 1, and would send the market cap of this low cap coin sky high.

But again, for now, this is rumor and innuendo. Speculation is speculation, and traders are urged to do their own research into WienerAI, and any other investment they may be making in the cryptocurrency market.

Where To Buy The WienerAI Presale

WienerAI is still only in the early stages of its presale. The current price is $0.0003, with staking rewards over 5000%. This is allowing early investors to not only grab a huge bag of this promising token for a low price, but to compound their holdings by staking them the entire length of the presale phase. 

With every new presale stage, there is a price increase. This means that the listing price will be far higher than it is now. The presale can only be purchased directly from the Official Website.

Happy hunting to all the meme coin investors out there!

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.