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The killer of USD — Yuan Pay Group

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

For the last two years, you might have heard at least something about cryptocurrencies. Their fantastic race — up/down/up/down. Some create their own crypto farms. Others invest everything into the currency of their choice. And all of you are reading about the latest updates on Bitcoin: some with hopes, some with anger, even. And while many people keep their eyes glued to BTC, the Chinese strike with no warning. They have created their own crypto currency — e Yuan (

Let’s talk in a bit simpler terms. The Yuan Pay Group is one of the Chinese majors, which have been working in the Blockchain field since 2014.

If you haven’t forgotten yet — 2013 was the year when Bitcoin revealed to the world all of its hindrances, such as:

  1. Limited scalability.
  2. Huge transaction fees.
  3. Can’t use this currency to pay in ordinary shops.

And while people around the world were wondering how to overcome these issues, Chinese programmers and engineers started working on their own Cryptocurrency. Without encountering the difficulties that many less-experienced competitors face, the Chinese were working fundamentally. This was before the ICO-Scams wave, before ETH entered the market, and before CryptoBoom’s peak in 2017.

Why should you spend your time reading this? For starters, to find out how perfectly balanced are the technologies of the Yuan Coin. This technology wasn’t created yesterday!

And much more important is that Yuan Coin provides you with a unique chance to get richer in a short time. You can multiply your earnings with Rally, which will go after the Yuan Pay System is fully released! When everybody’s waiting for their chance, you can pave your own way and press on with good earnings!

Knowing about all projects that were started before the cryptoboom is essential. This is mostly due to the fact that the currently existing projects are nearly identical, suffer from the same issues, and most of them are scams.

But not the Digital yuan! It has been in development for a long time. And only now it receives attention from professional players in the worldwide market, and deservedly so. And before more people worldwide learn about this project, the Chinese majority shareholders are already expanding the market!

So, by now — during 2020 and a part of 2021 — you may have read a lot of articles about China wanting to kill the USD. Now, you know how they plan on doing this — using the abilities of the open-market YuanPay Group.

But let’s talk about this crypto project in more specific terms. For maximum convenience, follow the article’s navigation to find the following:

  1. Technical information about China coin.
  2. Regular information about this project.
  3. Legal info.
  4. Investment information.

Before getting on with the overview of YuanPay, let’s answer the main question about this project!

Law information about digital yuan

Let’s cover the Frequently Asked Questions about all the law-related information before you buy yuan online:

  1. Law regulation in China.
  2. Law regulation globally.
  3. Is it fully legit worldwide?
  4. Doesn’t it all sound too sweet to be true?
  5. Are there any risks for investors or users?

Is e-yuan legit?

This is the main difference in the digital yuan compared to Facebook Libra and many others. It is fully legalized in China. Moreover, if you’ve heard about the Chinese war with Bitcoin before, you’ll eventually reach a conclusion — the main task is to push this Chinese cryptocurrency name out there. They hope that the digital cryptocurrency will expand all over the world, with the government lobbying in the domestic market.

Usually, when you buy yuan online or sell it, you work with the most famous payment services: Visa or PayPal. These services are legal in most countries around the world. So if you are already using them, you don’t need to care about this.

How to register for YuanPay

More recently, YuanPay gives you the unique opportunity — buy their coins on presale for $250 and get twice as many coins. The current digital yuan price is about 27,776 coins. You can exchange them back to any crypto or fiat currency when it has a Full Public Offering!

To register and buy a pay coin, you should follow the simple instructions, step by step!

  1. First Step: Fill all required fields in the registration form on their site.
  2. Second step: Check your email or phone number for the activation code.
  3. Third Step: Choose a convenient payment method.
  4. Fourth Step: Buy the pack of China coin cryptocurrency. You can buy a simple coin, but when you get the pack, your earnings will multiply due to the special offer.
  5. Fifth step: (optional) Set up a personal E-Wallet, which uses the Chinese E-Yuan as a payment method.

That’s all! Easy— don’t you think so? Now you know how to buy digital yuan. But the most important information is how to sell your coin with a good profit!

All money streams with CFD

The one thing you should know before beginning to earn with Yuan Coin is that you can sell them as soon as you like. So one of the easiest and profitable ways is the CFD market.

You can get unlimited flow to all CFDs and infinite opportunities as an investor or trader in the trusted stocks. The — one of the most trusted places — gives you all the required tools to increase your opportunities and earnings easily.

The main advantage — Yuan Coins are already integrated in the platform. The much more important thing is that here, you can start without a background in trading. All tools which are provided here are simple to understand and use!

So now that you know that you can always sell coins with a good profit on the market, isn’t this a good reason to start investing?

How to withdraw China crypto

If you’re an investor with patience — all you should do is wait until the Chinese currency is accepted in the most valuable markets. If you’re not willing to wait, you can spend your cryptocurrencies in the next ways:

  1. Use the full power of future paying systems, and spend all Yuan in China.
  2. Sell it to other investors.
  3. Pay attention to the marketplaces where Yuan is already approved.
  4. Exchange the digital yuan into real yuan in the Government Bank of China.

You can always do these operations in the cryptocurrency stock exchanges!

The Main Question — Is Yuan coin a Scam?

Let’s talk about Blockchain honestly. You can trust us, or you can make your own conclusions using all the information and experience you’ve gathered for all the years since blockchain’s introduction to our lives.

This field of technological progress has not had enough trust since it started. Everyone says that Bitcoin is a scam. But it started the new age of Secure Transactions and is still alive after all these years.

You can find a lot of materials about the Yuan Coin project. Yet, most of them are in Chinese, and much of this information is poorly translated. Is this enough to say that Yuan Coins are suspicious? Nope!

Like Ripple in its heyday or Bitcoin in the early 2010’s, this project has a unique offer. It will solve one of the most important tasks for cryptocurrencies. This technology is engineered to provide a way to pay with cryptocurrencies without taxes all around the world.

You shouldn’t care about having a lot of cards, applications, or anything else. All you should do is get your Yuan Coin and pay with it everywhere!

That’s why the SEC, along with several huge European and American banks, are nervous about the emerging competition. They’re really frightened of the Yuan Coin, and they use every opportunity to sabotage this project.

That’s why many influencers try to spread information that cryptos like the Yuan Coin are fraudulent. But this is simply not true. Refuting all their arguments about the Yuan Coin is easy.

  1. The developers of this project are attached to the China Bank. The Government is the creator of this system. Not some amateurs, thieves, or scammers — The Government!
  2. They solve the main problem of Cryptocurrencies — low liquidity for impossible demands.

And last, but not least — earning on Yuan Coin is not the main result. It’s only a side effect, which you, as a clever Investor, can exploit to get richer!

What you should know about YuanPay Group

The first you should know — this is China central bank digital currency. The project was started in early 2014. It was developed to solve the main CryptoCurrency issues, such as:

  1. Huge volatility, without the backing of Fiat-currencies.
  2. Sky-high transaction fees, which grow simultaneously along with the crypto cost.
  3. Non-compatible chains of currencies.
  4. Creating completely P2P transactions with a strong guarantee of success and minimize all fraud risk factors.
  5. Solving scalability and decreasing the stack overloading in the chain.
  6. Making an exchange to fiat money with maximum convenience.

Also, getting through these tasks makes the Yuan Coin the most appealing cryptocurrency for institutional investors. But their hands are tied by the SEC. While they try to break the old laws to make their profit in the new Crypto-Era with the Yuan Paying System, you, as the private investor, can overtake them and get your piece of the big pie! All you should do is register and buy your first pack of Yuan Coins on the Trusted Platform!

As you know, these troubles are the main reason why Bitcoin and other Altcoins can’t expand worldwide and break the classical banking system. Ripple tried, but it got scammed. The ETH tries, but it has trouble with the main developer. So many companies try to do this – like Libra or TON – but all of them fail. Do you know why? It’s simple.

The main trouble of all of the abovementioned cryptocurrencies is that they’re all created by amateur developers without a strong bank behind their development. If we compare this to the Chinese central bank digital currency, the difference is obvious.

You shouldn’t be worried about the centralized system of the China coin cryptocurrency because the bank gives them only financial stability, not control. The base of all systems is the peer-to-peer chain.

Let’s cover each aspect more closely.

What about Yuan Coin technology?

Yuan Coin, at its core, has a different way to issue coins, which sets it apart from its competitors. There’s no proof-of-work, which will exhaust all natural resources, or proof-of-stake, which makes some holders richer than others.

The base technology of the Yuan coin cryptocurrency involves controlled emission by spending coins. The more coins are in the market, the more are put out. By this, they’re trying to decrease the huge volatility without deciding to grow the potential of the coin. And with this blockchain base — they definitely work with scalability.

Also, they work on the Libra Base with Ripple base, which aids Central China digital’s currency in being attached to Visa and PayPal international systems. This fact solves the problem of the huge influx of scam traders with their price manipulations.

Unlimited Yuan Coin scalability

The loading of Blockchain was solved with an ingenious approach — no additional authentication of coin miners or holders. This way, you can spend your cryptocurrencies without a huge fee and the overspending that was prevalent before in the Early Ethereum-classic philosophy.

Many tried to get out of the PoW, but China’s digital currency was definitely created without any PoS or PoW!

The unlimited scalability gets you unlimited earnings. Investing just $250 from now, you’ll get the way to multiply your earnings by 10, 100, or even 1000 times!

Cross blockchain transactions

The next thing will sound a bit hard and crazy — but including China digital currency in the successful paying systems provides its users with a lot of opportunities. As you know, Paypal buys a lot of reputable and currently available CryptoCurrencies. This provides the possibility of free exchange without special fees. When using the Yuan pay coin as the main cryptocurrency, all your tasks can be solved without additional cross-chain transactions.

Peer-to-Peer on your chain

The next thing you should know before asking how to buy China cryptocurrency — how it works with the transactions, if you want to do them in Blockchain without any additional paying systems.

E yuan uses the P2P network. It divides your transactions into small code-message parts, and then sends your code encrypted into different devices on the net.

The device will send your payment to the next device, and again, and again to the customer or seller, which should receive your transaction. The secure area works not only by encrypting. It stays on all devices in the peer network, which receive only a small part of the payment code. That’s why even if a scammer might try to steal your money, they have to control more than 1.000.000 devices at the same time to do it. So, P2P guarantees your anonymity and security as well.

What’s the main advantage of China coin?

The most important thing of the e-yuan is not the growth potential. All traders and investors know how to make “X-profit” on every cryptocurrency. The most important thing — it’s really useful. You can:

  1. Choose it as your main cryptocurrency.
  2. Pay with it in all stores.
  3. Perform the fastest and most comfortable exchange to fiat and back.

The china coin price can’t burn, because it has strong support from the Chinese Government!

Also, most stores in China can already receive payments in yuan coin cryptocurrency.

Digital yuan can work as your main currency

We already mentioned the construction of the Digital yuan Blockchain and peer-to-peer paying. But this is all under the hood. The main thing is this — here, you have no troubles with paying.

All you should do is install a mobile app. From this moment onwards, your digital yuan is ready to process transactions. So, you can forget about all your previous problems with the fee amount — or troubles with Blockchain transactions queue, which makes all old Cryptocurrencies impractical for regular use.

The Digital Yuan Fully solved this problem, so you can spend all your earnings easily and without any taxes!

The lowest transaction commission

The next advantage for regular users is great. Thanks to the unlimited scalability, the transaction commission is not dependent on the current Chinese coin price. And this is really awesome. You’ll always know that here you pay much less than in a bank, through Western Union, or any other system. The cost of such transactions is next to nothing!

Investment information about E-Yuan

The next information is intended for professional investors. Here you’ll find:

  1. Information about derivatives.
  2. Growth potential of E-Yuan.
  3. Tax and Law information about this currency.
  4. Findings of fundamental and technical analyses of yuan cryptocurrency.

Also, you’ll have knowledge about everything regarding liquidity, the ways to earn, and which trend is stronger!

What about China crypto derivatives?

As of today, this cryptocurrency does not have any derivatives like Futures or Options for professional market players. Nevertheless, the price of Digital Yuan depends on the fiat futures of the bank-exchange futures and options. Keep this in mind. China has a lot of future goods contracts. That’s why they have high export volumes and EGP. This guarantees the growth of this Cryptocurrency.

YuanPay Group Growth Potential

Note: We have no inside information about the project, so our conclusions can be imprecise.

Currently, by working in the close market — the yuan pay doesn’t reveal the full potential of the currency. Strong lobbying with a huge Fiat Capitalization will set the anchor price for investors, which can’t be dropped. Thus, your profit is guaranteed. The main question is your profit’s volume — no one can predict how it will turn out.

And now, knowing all this information, you shouldn’t hesitate. While you are reading this article, The Yuan Coin is growing. And If you’re too slow, it can reach all its potential, and you might get nothing out of it — only because you were too afraid to take risks and invest in the New Technologies.

What about taxes on Chinese cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency in the USA and other countries has encountered certain troubles with the tax system. Because traditional cryptocurrencies stay on the dark side of the market, they can’t be regulated. If a tax office catches your crypto transaction, they can conduct a criminal prosecution.

But with Chinese currency, it is another situation altogether. It is fully regulated by their “mother currency”. So, when you want to buy yuan, you shouldn’t care about any taxes — even if you’re not a professional trader.

This action qualifies as a base Stock Exchange operation without any additional tax.

Technical information about the yuan coin

If you’re looking for technical or fundamental analysis of this currency — we’re glad to present you with something special. For now, the yuan chain coin is not among the main Crypto players or other markets. That’s why you can buy it only for the fixed price from the Yuan Pay group.

According to professional forecasters, when the yuan passes additional requirements from the SEC, Chinese developers will put it on the free market for all big stocks. This includes classical fiat exchanges and the most popular crypto exchanges.

You’ll make your profit with the help of capitalization and volatility, with the strong bullish trend raising the currencies. But if this does not happen, the strong backing from the Chinese Government will break all the bearish trends.

That’s why for the time being, yuan coin prices are the lowest — they are now selling for their prime cost.

Most valuable financiers of the world, such as Richard Branson and Peter Thiel, have already bought the biggest packs of unreliable Chinese value papers. Other financiers like Berkshire Hathaway have already diversified their portfolio with this coin. And this is an essential fact because the main owner of Berkshire Hathaway has an optimistic forecast about the Chinese market of cryptocurrencies for now.

Look — the most successful personalities in the Financial World are already getting their piece of the pie from the Strong Chinese Economy. They are not hesitant, which is a really good signal. See, all of the mentioned guys are very clever and much more attentive than the other investors. Take Richard Branson, who has not experienced any failures throughout his business career, and many others like him. So, they are the best guarantee and main reason to increase your investment potential by getting a pack of Yuan Coins.

Summary: Quick Fact Check about pay coin before making up your mind

Let’s summarize the main ideas before you invest in Chinese yuan:

  1. Its technology is definitely different from all other cryptocurrencies.
  2. It’s as easy to buy yuan online as anything using your credit card.
  3. It is fully secure, safe, and comfortable to use.
  4. It has a huge growth potential to increase the Chinese coin price.
  5. It has no problems with scalability, functionality, or anything else.
  6. Now, you can buy yuan online with a special offer: 27.776 coins for $250 (because it is pre-sale).
  7. The china crypto is integrated into current paying systems.

And don’t forget about the strong Chinese bank, backed by Li Fang, that provides you with a guarantee on China digital yuan. So, while all others follow bitcoin and altcoin, stop wasting your time and start investing in Chinese cryptocurrency!