The City of Lugano Drives Crypto Adoption, Accepts Bitcoin and Tether for Tax Payments

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 1 min read
Crypto adoption
Lugano takes a major step in crypto adoption by letting residents pay taxes with Bitcoin and Tether. Image by Myst, Adobe Stock.

The city of Lugano, Switzerland made a bold move to drive cryptocurrency adoption by announcing today that it will now accept tax payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). As of today, Lugano’s citizens and companies can use the two digital currencies to pay any municipal invoice, including property and income taxes.

The new payment method was introduced in collaboration with Bitcoin Suisse, a Swiss cryptocurrency financial services company, to develop a streamlined solution for processing crypto transactions.

Crypto Tax Payments Part of Lugano’s “Plan B”

This latest crypto integration falls under Lugano and Tether’s “Plan B” initiative — a plan to transition the city’s financial infrastructure to blockchain technology with Bitcoin as the base layer. Plan B is being undertaken to enable cryptocurrency payments for daily transactions like taxes.

Lugano is one of the first cities in the world to adopt Bitcoin and Tether as payment options for all municipal fees and services. The move signals Lugano’s commitment to embracing cryptocurrency and making it a convenient part of everyday life.

To implement the crypto tax payment system, Bitcoin Suisse adapted the QR-Bill system to work seamlessly with Bitcoin and Tether, providing a simple way for taxpayers to pay their bills. With the new system, paying taxes with Bitcoin or Tether will be as simple as scanning a QR code and authorizing the payment through a mobile wallet app.

“We are delighted to support Lugano in accelerating the use of Bitcoin technology as the foundation to transform the city’s financial infrastructure,” Chief Product Officer at Bitcoin Suisse Armin Schmid said.

Swiss Municipalities Drive Crypto Adoption

With this latest move, Lugano joined a small but growing list of Swiss cities and regions formally accepting cryptocurrencies. The municipality of Zug, the city of Zermatt, and the canton of Zug also allow crypto payments for taxes and government services.

Lugano’s crypto tax payment option represents a major milestone for blockchain adoption in Switzerland. By giving citizens a convenient way to pay taxes in digital currency, Lugano is bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream and setting an example for cities worldwide.