TANU Project Price Rises Sharply – How Far Can it Go?


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TANU (Treasure Area Needs U) Project NFTs have recorded a sharp rise in price since last Friday. The price average for the NFTs has risen from about $15K on Friday to about $152K on Monday, an 8x increase. 

The average price for the NFTs in the last 7 days has been $45.3K. The TANU NFTs have been sold 214 times in the past 1 week, generating sales worth $9.69M. The TANU Project has a total supply of 500 tokens with 77 owners.  

About TANU Project 

Never heard about TANU? It is an NFT project named after a northern white rhinoceros called “Najin” and its daughter “Fatu,” the only two remaining alive globally. 

The gray rhino denotes “a crisis in which a person knows what will happen, but refuses to exist, and eventually faces a crisis.” 

The TANU NFT project is based on a community that prepares for the much-awaited Web3.0 as an opportunity rather than a crisis. 

There are a total of 500 TANU NFTs owned by 77 people. The TANU NFT project runs on the Polygon blockchain. You need a MetaMask wallet to mint a TANU NFT. 

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