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Tamadoge Launches Rocket Doge Arcade Game As Its Play-to-Earn Ecosystem Usage Skyrockets

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 5 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Thursday 9th February 2023 – Tamadoge has launched its second hit game, Rocket Doge, on Wednesday, just after the success of its first arcade game release.

It is very early days for Tamadoge, but its first game release – Super Doge – has already racked up prize pools of hundreds of dollars.

Rocket Doge brings to the table a similar combo of fun gameplay with the emphasis on skill, that will no doubt also have players fixated on reaching the top of the leaderboard.

In Rocket Doge your Tamadoge pet finds an old Eagle-6 rocket to help him/her navigate the thick undergrowth whilst dodging outcroppings and enemies, collecting coins along the way with the aim of topping the leaderboard.

Tamadoge CEO Jon Bishop: “We are well on the way to proving that Web3 gaming can work for the masses”

Newly appointed CEO Jon Bishop, formerly of PayPal and top children’s games publisher Outright Games, commenting on the launch of Rocket Doge said: “With the launch of Rocket Doge, we continue to deliver on what we promised on our public roadmap.

“Since the release of our first game – Super Doge – just a couple of weeks ago, we’ve seen incredible engagement, which has translated into hundreds of dollars worth of Tamadoge being won by our community of gamers. 

“We’re excited to see how engagement increases this week with two games for players to compete in.

“Through consistent delivery and strong engagement and rewards for our great community, we are well on our way to proving that Web3 gaming can work for the masses. 

“We’ll keep delivering on this promise through this year and onwards.”

Casual gaming is a multi-billion dollar business, and combined with Web3 technology that allows players to earn from their gaming fun, it is set to challenge products from the legacy game publishers.

The games are currently desktop only accessed using a web browser but will be coming to mobile.

Instead of developing overly complicated games that give play-to-earn are also boring to play and lack skill and jeopardy, Tamadoge has taken the opposite approach.

In fact, you don’t even need a connected wallet to play in the free-to-play mode, so it is easy for non-crypto people to practice with the game(s).

Super Doge engagement is massive as the stats show ≠ Rocket Doge will be popular too

Super Doge is proving to be a big hit with gamers and there’s every reason to believe Rocket Doge will follow in its footsteps.

Early data for Super Doge shows player engagement is high and rising. 

3% of players got a score over 60,000

The average score was 15,000

The most times any one player played Superdoge in the first week was 686

Super doge was played 32 time per user on average in the first week

One player won $450 in total from the first prize pool – here’s the truncated address 0xfff5a….260ae81 of that player

Players can use one of the three types of Tamadoge NFTs – Ultra Rare, Rare and Common – to improve skillset attributes.

There are 20,000 Tamadoge Common NFTs,1,000 Rares and 100 Ultra Rares. 

TAMA price is going from strength to strength on the back of a firm foundation of product rollouts

The launch of Super Doge and Rocket Doge is strengthening the TAMA price, despite recent wider market weakness.

TAMA, at the time of writing, is currently priced at $0.020, despite softness in the wider crypto market today TAMA has gained 52% in the past 30 days.

The TAMA price reached an all-time high of $0.19 on October 5th 2022, shortly after launching.

In addition to a growing number of token holders and solid team leadership, top-tier exchanges are also looking for product traction, and Tamadoge now has all of that in spades. 

A Binance listing of TAMA has already been applied for and is moving forward

TAMA’s utility – and therefore its value – derives from it being the access token of the play-to-earn ecosystem.

How the competition and rewards work for the Tamadoge arcade games

Each game has its own leaderboard and prize pool. The prize pool resets weekly, so there’s a chance to win every week. 

The prize pool competitions close every Wednesday at 23:59 UTC and the payouts begin from the following day.

1. Credits to play

Players will need to own some credits to join the competition

Current prices: entry package is 100 arcade credits = 600 $TAMA (there are three packages – see more detaisl below)

2. Prize pool distribution

50% goes to winners in the competition

10% goes to the staking pool

40% goes to marketing & game developments/burnt pool

3. Leaderboard – prize pool distribution

1st – 40%

2nd Second – 20%

3rd – 10%

4th to 10th placed players – 1% (each)

11th to 20th placed players – 0.5% (each)

Everyone else gets an equal split of the remaining 18%

To get started with Super Doge and Rocket Doge you will need to purchase credits.

There are three credits packages:

100 credits = 600 TAMA

500 credits = 2400 TAMA

1,500 credits = 6,000 TAMA

Tamadoge Arcade is a tasty teaser for the main event – the launch of the AR-powered mobile app and Metaverse functionality

There are three more arcade games to launch – To The Moon, Tama Blast and Tamadoge Run – after beta testing is complete. 

The initial arcade games are a precursor to the launch of the main Tamadoge game that launches later this year.

In the first full iteration of the Tamadoge platform the augmented reality (AR) mobile app will be the centerpiece, allowing players’ pets to enter the Tamadoge Metaverse – the Tamaverse. 

The AR technology will enable players to interact with their pet in the virtual world. 

Players will earn points as they climb the leaderboards and receive TAMA as a reward for ranking in the top spots.

Additionally, players will be able to purchase food, clothes, and other cosmetic items from the Tamadoge Pet Store, in which a burn of 5% is applied to all purchases, making TAMA a deflationary asset.

The Tamadoge Pet Store provides a revenue stream for the rewards distributed to players and for product development and marketing.

The team is currently moving ahead to seal partnerships with other metaverse projects, of which more will be revealed later in Q1 2023.

Tamadoge is making meme coins useful – where to buy TAMA

Tamadoge is one of a new wave of meme coins that put the emphasis on utility.

TAMA is listed on 15 centralized exchanges (CEXs), including top 10 crypto exchange OKX, as well as the leading decentralized exchange of the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap. 

Other leading trading venues where you can find TAMA include, LBank, MEXC and BitMart.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.