06 Sep 2022 · 1 min read

Tamadoge Raises Over $12 Million - 5% Burn is Another Reason to Invest

The TAMA burn and scheduled exchange listing could possibly result in high demand of this token.

Tamadoge Presale

Tamadoge Raises More Than $12 Million

Tamadoge began its presale just over a month ago, and it has surpassed all expectations. The NFT project has managed to raise more than $12 million dollars, proving that it is one of the most successful crypto presales.

At the start of the presale, investors could buy 100 TAMA tokens for 1 USDT. After the completion of each stage, the project's developers made the coin more valuable by offering less TAMA for 1 USDT.

Due to the overwhelming demand, Tamadoge has reached its seventh stage. Investors can buy 40 TAMA tokens for 1 USDT. With only two stages left, TAMA's value is set to rise because 1 USDT will buy only 33.33 tokens. The ninth (and final) stage is on course to wrap up before its intended date, at the end of Q4 2022.

5% TAMA Burn

Investors value scarce resources, and the TAMA's coin supply is set to diminish. The game's developers are adamant about making the coin more valuable, so they will burn 5% of the TAMA coins used in pet store purchases.

The current supply is 2 billion coins, and the available tokens should diminish due to the scheduled Tamadoge listing on LBank and Uniswap. The increased exposure of being on centralized and decentralized exchanges, coupled with the burning, should make buying of TAMA tokens more in demand.

High demand and a decreased supply of assets usually results in rising prices and sustained growth.

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is a new NFT game that's distinguished itself from meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu by providing utility. Players compete by raising their pets, and the ones that raise their pets the best climb the leaderboard to receive rewards.

The rewards are TAMA tokens, which players can exchange for other currencies or use them to develop their pets by walking, feeding and grooming them.

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UPDATE: Tamadoge has raised almost $12.5 million.