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Sustainable Investing is Here to Stay and This Green Crypto Just Raised $13,000,000 – How to Buy Early?

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Over the course of the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of green investing and “socially responsible” investing practices. 

The rise of ESG has meant that many firms and companies are actively incentivized to invest in green companies, and when a company cannot adequately demonstrate its green credentials, they are subsequently written off by many investors. 

IMPT is a brand new crypto project that has been capitalizing on the rising importance of ESG, and hopes to use blockchain in order to dramatically improve the state of carbon credits and to scale them to consumers for changing their shopping habits. 

Earn carbon credits for “responsible shopping” 

Consumers who shop via the IMPT platform are rewarded for supporting companies that are ESG-friendly. 

Unlike the trend of “socially responsible investing”, the trend of “responsible shopping” is one that applies to individuals rather than companies. 

The team at IMPT is, therefore, dramatically expanding the scope of what carbon credits can be used for. Traditionally, carbon credits are only used to incentivize companies directly to pollute less, but this new system allows for consumers to be rewarded for changing their habits and being more conscious about their decisions. 

Over 25,000 companies onboarded to the platform 

Over the course of the past few weeks, the team at IMPT has managed to successfully onboard over 25,000 companies to their platform through their affiliate program. 

Each of these companies have been vetted for their ESG credentials, meaning that consumers who shop through the IMPT platform will be exclusively supporting companies that are friendly to the environment – in such a way, one can make an impact by being rewarded for changing their shopping habits. 

Thus far, the team at IMPT has already managed to onboard a range of industry giants, such as Microsoft and Netflix, and continue to onboard more companies all the time. 

Participate in the IMPT presale now – $13 million raised already

The IMPT presale has now managed to successfully raise $13 million, with the presale having gone from strength to strength. 

The presale is being conducted on the IMPT website, and investors can now choose to participate in the presale with ETH, USDC, or with fiat payments using the fiat onramp. 

Currently, the price of the token stands at just $0.023, but this will rise to $0.028 at the next stage of the presale, meaning that early investors can be rewarded for their lack of tardiness. 

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