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Stephen Chow’s “Nobody” NFTs Reach 10,000 ETH in Trading Volume

Brian Yue
Last updated: | 1 min read
Nobody NFT
Image by Brian Yue, Midjourney

Hong Kong movie director Stephen Chow launched an NFT collection titled “Nobody” on February 1, which has already reached nearly 10,000 ETH in trading volume on Opensea.

At the time of writing, the collection has experienced trading activity of over 9,878 ETH (~ $22.8 million) with a daily volume of 2,699 Ether.

In an X post published on February 7, Chow asked his followers for suggestions regarding potential Nobody community events. He also changed his profile picture on X and Instagram to a Nobody Avatar.

The director also urged his followers to update their profile pictures to images of Nobody.

Several celebrities including Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Mayday frontman Ashin, Wu Jianhao, and others have expressed their support for “Nobody” on social media.

The “Nobody” NFT Collection

The collection was initially announced in December 2023, when Chow said he was partnering up with Chinese-American rapper MC Jin to drop an NFT collection.

Nobody was released on the Moonbox platform, a Hong Kong-based AI and Web3 startup that specializes in launching AI-powered NFTs influenced by the arts and film industry.

“Chow has always hoped to create a native IP based on Web3, aiming to bring top-notch Chinese storytelling abilities to the Web3 industry,” Chow’s agent Chris Chan said. “The design inspiration for the upcoming NFT series ‘Nobody’ does indeed stem from the spirit represented by Stephen Chow: the spirit or strength to achieve great things despite humble beginnings.”

Moonbox co-founder Jacky Cao noted that users will have the capability to interact and engage in conversations with each Nobody NFT character, gaining insights into their personalities, hobbies, and background stories. Additionally, holders of Nobody NFTs will be able to participate in the secondary creation of Nobody characters using exclusive digital features and tools.

The Nobody Airdrop

On January 10, Chow collaborated with crypto exchange OKX to launch a Nobody NFT whitelist giveaway, with participation from over 125,000 users. The airdrop featured 2,500 Nobody NFTs available for distribution, with the total supply of Nobodys limited to 10,000.

Developers noted that holders of Nobody collectibles will be able to engage in the project’s development and enjoy various privileges, including participation in proposals, co-creation, voting, and contributing to the creation of Nobody intellectual property.