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Stakes Get Higher: New Giveaway for PACT Token Holders to be Twice as Big

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The first stage of the drop by the P2PB2B Team exchange ended on 15 April. All PACT token stakers received their share of USDT 1,000. The upcoming second stage will end with a giveaway of USDT 2,000 on 29 April. All are welcome to join in. Throughout the drop’s six stages, USDT 30,000 overall will be distributed among participants.

How to join

Join the p2pb2b.io community to get 50 PACT tokens on your balance. Invite new people until 1 May to get 10 PACT for each new user you refer. Participate in coin trading, which has already started. Then, send coins to the staking pool. This is where you will be entered into the giveaway.

Why keep staking

The exclusive drop’s main rule is that the amount of USDT you get is proportionate to your contribution to the PACT staking pool. Therefore, buying tokens is a sure-fire way to increase your reward. The exchange website already has the functionality that lets everyone learn early about the sum they can expect. The amount may fluctuate though, because new participants may join in over the 14 days in between the drops, and everyone can increase their share by buying and earning the PACT tokens.

Stakes keep increasing
The exclusive drop schedule provides a higher giveaway amount on each stage. The giveaway dates are as follows:
April, 29th—USDT 2,000
May, 13th—USDT 3,000
May, 27th—USDT 6,000
June, 10th—USDT 8,000
June, 24th—USDT 10,000

If you don’t make it to join the drop during the second giveaway, any of the dates will do. There are no limits to increasing one’s share in the giveaways.

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