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Stage 6 Presale Surge: Pushd E-Commerce Platform Welcomes Cardano and Tether USDt Holders As it Vies to Outpace eBay

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


As the crypto market downturns, many investors are hunting for the next promising token to profit. While Tether USDt is a stablecoin that’s not prone to volatility, it doesn’t offer massive returns for investors. 

Hence, these holders and Cardano fans are struggling with price fluctuations and focusing on Pushd’s token presale. They’re optimistic the project will revolutionize the e-commerce space and gain prominence. 

Cardano Holders Bank on Other Investment Opportunities

Unsurprisingly, Cardano investors are selling their holdings and buying into other investments. Considering this coin was formerly described as Ethereum’s rival, it has shown no signs of growth. 

Compared to cryptocurrencies like Toncoin and Doge, Cardano is behind. The coin is valued at $0.512, reflecting a 10.97% increase over the past week. This is a drop from its high of $0.68. 

Analysts predict Cardano will decline 3.32%, dipping to as low as $0.45. In this correction phase, the bulls may gain momentum, causing its value to resurge to $0.55. Conversely, it will plunge to about $0.36 if it continues to see a downturn. 

Tether USDt Offers Holders Stability in the Market

Many crypto enthusiasts have sought solace in holding Tether, as it provides immunity to market volatility. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Tether often experiences insignificant price fluctuations between 10 and 150% in a single day. With Tether, they can purchase tokens against the US dollar rate. 

Tether is priced at $1. Recently, the stablecoin issued about one billion tokens on Ethereum’s blockchain, amassing a market cap of $109.9B. While this event increased the coin’s demand, it left investors worried about the potential long-term impacts of its fast growth. 

Not to mention, there are issues surrounding the platform’s blockchain security and validity of USD reserves. As a result, Tether holders are turning to promising investments that promote digital transactions. 

Pushd Makes a Big Bang As A Decentralized Marketplace 

Pushd has caught the eye of many investors thanks to its aim to address the issues surrounding the e-commerce industry. The platform offers features like expedited fund availability and reduced fees, making transactions seamless and fast. Like eBay, it facilitates online buying and selling via blockchain technology. 

Unlike typical marketplaces, where finalizing transactions takes time, Pushd lets users list products, set prices, and instantly auction them off in multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform also allows early investors to join its reward programs and earn cryptocurrencies to achieve specific milestones.

That’s not all. Pushd provides users with a debit card, allowing them to spend the funds in their wallet directly with other traders on the platform. As Pushd progresses through its presale phases, it’s currently in stage 6, with each token priced at only $0.144. 


Join Pushd’s revolution by visiting its website right here.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.