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Silks Announces Partnership with NYRA and FOX Sports: Is This The Biggest NFT Project Ever?

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NFTs and the metaverse have been the talk of the town in 2022. Even with the crypto market experiencing a tremendous crash, investors see optimistic outcomes for this niche. It’s not surprising why they would, given that there is enormous potential for brands and businesses to engage with the public through this emerging technology.

A project that has just made a tremendously large splash in the crypto world, after already having made waves with its NFT sales, is Silks. The metaverse project, which is focused on the real world of thoroughbred horse racing, has managed to secure a partnership with the New York Racing Association (NYRA) and FOX Sports. 

Silks Scores Big with NYRA and FOX Sports Partnership

The partnership between Silks and NYRA and FOX Sports is a broad one, offering benefits to all parties involved. Through this collaboration, Silks becomes what is believed to be the first Web3 application to be supported by a government-affiliated organization

Silks will see its metaverse and game promoted by both NYRA and FOX Sports. This includes being promoted on nationally broadcast shows “America’s Day at the Races” and “Saratoga Live”. FOX Sports also plans to air more than 800 hours worth of horse racing, and NYRA will have Silks establish a presence at its 3 tracks, greatly increasing exposure.

In what could be the most significant impact in terms of attracting an audience, NYRA and FOX Sports will stream races for the user base in the metaverse. Silks also becomes the official blockchain gaming and metaverse partner of NYRA and NYRA Bets, the latter being an advance-deposit wagering platform that is available in 30 states. 

On its part, Silks will build replicas of NYRA’s 3 tracks in its metaverse. Players will also see the real-world counterparts of their horses earn their winnings to the tune of 1% from the 2023 season. This is considered one of Silks most striking features, as it allows players to earn from the sport in real life. It is also a unique way of establishing a connection between the virtual world and the real one.

Silks horses mirror their real-world counterparts.

Silks offer multiple features and NFT collections to allow players to create revenue streams. One of these NFT collections is the Genesis Avatars, which is a one-time sale of what are essentially virtual jockeys that represent the player in the metaverse. These avatars have their own traits and rarities. The benefits of holding one of these Avatar NFTs include a lifetime mint pass for the annual Genesis Yearling Sale, exclusive experiences, giveaways, and IRL events.

NYRA is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1955 and has worked extensively to promote the sport and widen its presence in the country. It runs three of the most celebrated tracks in the country, with Saratoga considered a premier one. The race at Saratoga attracts the best of the best and is the crown jewel of races in the United States.

Dave O’Rourke, NYRA’s president and CEO, explained why NYRA was so excited to collaborate as follows,

“Game of Silks presents its players with a fascinating and entertaining challenge by gamifying racehorse ownership in a completely new way. Silks capture the evolution of fan engagement and appeal to both the seasoned horseplayer and complete newcomer, which is exactly why NYRA jumped at the opportunity to enter this partnership. NYRA is committed to educating our fans about the Silks platform to grow the game and ultimately increase horse racing’s fan base.”

The partnership is very likely to increase the community of Silks considerably, considering that it will be promoted with the help of NYRA. Those who are not aware of Silks should also find it compelling, given that it offers them multiple ways to earn. They can take their knowledge of the game into the metaverse of Silks and earn handsomely for it.

Silk is Showing How The Metaverse Can Work with The Real World

The partnership with NYRA and FOX Sports has all the potential to make Silks a household name. Silks was always a project that showed potential in attracting entities in the real world, with its design perfectly poised for marketing opportunities. The fact that it will receive coverage through FOX Sports and support from NYRA will provide tremendous help in expanding awareness of the platform.

Silks can also play a big part in promoting the sport of horse racing with its various features, many of which offer the potential to earn revenue. The collaboration is a sign of how the metaverse and Web3, in general, can have a large positive impact on the world, and could very well change the nature of the sports world.

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