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‘SHORK’ Token Explodes 15,000% and Now Traders are Watching This New Coin Poised for a Price Surge in 24 Hours

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 2 min read
SHORK Price Analysis: Today's strongest Solana meme coin market performer is SHORK token, but could this other new coin be next to explode?

Shark-themed SHORK price has exploded to become today’s strongest Solana meme coin market performer, but could another coin be the next to explode?

This article will provide an analysis of SHORK’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative multichain token, Dogeverse, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

The SHORK token appears to have been created by serial founder Gannon Breslin, an associate of the HeniousPumps newsletter.

SHORK Price Analysis: Is Shork Coin On The Verge of a Second Rally Leg?

As price action pushes to the upside once more, SHORK is currently trading at a market price of $0.035 (representing a 24-hour change of +15,030%).

This comes after the token launched at just Midnight UTC in a DEX listing on Raydium. It gained almost instant traction, and its price surged +10,000% in the first three hours.

Resistance at $0.062 sent the price tumbling into a strong consolidation pattern above lower support at $0.0225, setting the stage for a further push to SHORK’s current all-time high at $0.067.


Yet, with the all-time high delivering +50,000% returns to SHORK holders, early-backed moved for a quickfire sell-off around 6 AM UTC – sending the price tumbling back to support.

However, defying expectations, the support level has once again been successfully defended by holders – and SHORK price is once again on the climb – teasing the potential of a second rally leg.

The volatile price action has been fuelled by significant interest from retail investors, represented by an impressive $58m in 24-hour trading volume.

Now standing at a $41m market cap, interest threatens to wane, with the prospect of a major return for late-stage investors diminished to a generous 5x expectation at these levels.

Remarkably, despite more than 8,000 holders, bulls remain in control – with buy pressure representing 51% of transactions over the past hour.

In other news, a multi-chain dog-themed cryptocurrency is also doing rounds after unlocking viral success at presale with its promise to unify DOGE cross-chain.

Enter the Omnichain Dogeverse: The New Kid on the Block

Touted as the “chain traveling Doge,” Dogeverse has multi-chain functionality across major networks like Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Solana, making it a versatile contender in the meme coin arena.

With 15% of its 200 billion supply up for grabs at a starting price of $0.000292 per token, early investors stand to gain significantly.

The project’s structure and potential for high returns, including a staggering +582% APY return for stakers, underline its ambitious roadmap.

Beyond its playful facade, Dogeverse introduces real utility, offering seamless integration across different blockchain environments – this feature not only enhances accessibility but also adds a layer of convenience for investors.

Buy Dogeverse Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.