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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Holders Migrating To New ICO Investment — Token May Follow Bitcoin’s 20000% ROI Yields

Holders of the world’s second-largest memecoin by market capitalization, Shiba Inu (SHIB), are starting to invest in a new ICO that has nothing to do with their dog-gone Ecosystem.

Mollars, a new crypto project designed to save users the costly fees related to cross-chain Bitcoin transactions, has emerged as a high ROI yields potential investment for the Ethereum Blockchain. Currently on presale, a recent CoinmarketCap report estimates yields as high as +9,500,000% over ~10 years, if it follows the same trajectory as its rival, Bitcoin.

The first investment round has been performing remarkably well after its debut a couple of weeks ago. Since December 16th, Mollar’s presale has amassed nearly 150,000 tokens sold, with its balance growing over 20,000% over that timeframe.

Overall, the new profitable opportunity has garnered the attention of many crypto traders from shrimps to sharks of today’s crypto community. Particularly, Ethereum (ETH), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Polygon (MATIC), and Tether (USDT), have shown big interest in the new Bitcoin Killer project.

Mollars Presale: What to Know

Mollars’ ICO presents investors with one of the most promising opportunities of 2024. Presently at its first round, investors can buy $MOLLARS for only $0.30 [cents].   However, those looking to acquire the token this low have limited time. Given the compounding growth in sales over the past few hours, Molars is expected to finish its first funding round today or tomorrow.

Reports from just days ago assumed it would take another week, until today’s explosion.  This is a testament to how fast the Bitcoin alternative’s initial coin offering, being related to a needed solution for millions, is making it a big success story for 2024.

After the first round of the ICO closes, prices will rise from $030 to $0.40 per token.

Overall, should the hard cap of 4-Million tokens sold be reached before May 24, $MOLLARS will be launched on its first crypto exchange early.   The official whitepapers state it will debut on a CEX at a value of $0.62. This signifies that individuals purchasing the token today could potentially yield a return on their investment exceeding 100% upon the currency’s initial launch in a few months.

Mollars As Store of Value

Mollars ($MOLLARS) provides a solution for Ethereum Blockchain and other blockchains’ users who suffer from costly cross-chain transactions to buy $BTC. Traditionally in the market, investors tend to store their unused funds in Bitcoin to hedge a currency against cross-market losses to the dollar.  

Unfortunately, that requires dealing with fees. Recent reports indicate that BTC gas fees are now costlier than in any other blockchain.

For this reason, Mollars ($MOLLARS) materialized as an SoV token for the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem. With its limited supply of 10 million tokens, Mollars presents a compelling case for investors seeking a deflationary asset like those trading into $BTC.

A significant 40% of Mollars token’s total supply, equating to 4 million tokens, is already offered in the presale. This limited availability and growing interest in the token is expected to be a catalyst to drive up its value over time.

One of the key characteristics of a store of value is its potential to be deflationary. As the demand for Mollars increases, and with its supply being capped, the token could potentially become deflationary. This means that the value of Mollars could increase over time due to growth in adoption, making it an attractive investment for those seeking to preserve their wealth in the long term.

Drawing parallels with Bitcoin, the first and most prominent store of value in the crypto world, Mollars shares several similarities. Both have a capped supply, ownerless, founded without principals to gain money from the token being on the market, and serve as a store-of-value.

The total Mollars supply to be minted is even more limited than Bitcoin. The total supply of the new token on presale is less than half that of Bitcoin. This further scarcity could potentially lead to a similar 9,500,000% (9500x) growth over time.

Why are SHIB Investors Buying Mollars?

According to blockchain data leading to Sunday, January 7th, $SHIB holders are responsible for a sizable chunk of the presale buys.

For the Shiba Inu community, Mollars could indeed play a significant role as a store of value (SoV) for investors, especially considering the connection between Shibarium and Ethereum.

Shibarium, as a Layer 2 solution built on the Ethereum network, is designed to provide faster and cheaper transactions for SHIB investors. However, despite these improvements, SHIB investors may still face challenges related to volatility, regulatory pressure, and market fluctuations.

As an ERC-20 token, Mollars is designed to serve as a store of value. Its capped supply of 10 million tokens and low mint rate could potentially make it deflationary over time, which is a key characteristic of a store of value.

For Shiba Inu investors, this means they could potentially use Mollars to hedge against the volatility of SHIB and other cryptocurrencies. By diversifying their portfolio to include Mollars, Shiba Inu investors could potentially protect their assets from market fluctuations while still participating in the potential upside of the crypto market.

Moreover, the fact that Mollars operates on the Ethereum network, just like Shibarium, could make it easier for SHIB investors to incorporate Mollars into their investment strategy, without having to pay hefty fees to transfer their assets to Bitcoin. They could potentially move their assets between SHIB, Shibarium, and Mollars with relative ease, thanks to the interoperability of these platforms.

Last, the most simple reason is profits. Shiba Inu (SHIB) traders have been bleeding losses for nearly 2 years now.  Mollars presents the first opportunity in the last 2 years to earn such massive profits that could bridge the gap between green & red in SHIB holders portfolios.

Potential +9,500,000% ROI Yields After ICO — Long Term Hold

As the Initial Coin Offering [ICO] of Mollars draws to a close, investors are turning their attention to the token’s potential growth post-ICO. With its capped supply, potential deflationary nature, and role as a store of value in the Ethereum Blockchain, the new coin presents a compelling case for significant growth potential.

Drawing parallels with the growth trajectory of Bitcoin, the potential for its growth is substantial. BTC, which also serves as a store of value with a capped supply, has seen exponential growth since its inception. If Mollars follows a similar path, the growth could be remarkable.

In fact, the potential growth could reach as high as 9,500,000%. This figure is based on the assumption that Mollars will follow a similar growth trajectory to Bitcoin.

Given that its supply is even more limited than the world’s largest currency, expecting a similar performance over the years is not unfeasible.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.