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Scorpion Casino Announces CEX Listing Schedule Following Epic Pinksale Launchpad Sale

Last updated: | 3 min read
scorpion presale

Scorpion Casino has officially announced its listing schedule following its incredible Pinksale Launchpad sale.

The Pinksale ran between April 10th and April 14th, raising an astonishing 14,000 BNB in fundraising on the platform.

With the presale for Scorpion Casino officially ending, we can look forward to seeing where $SCORP will be traded and how it starts to share its revenues with all $SCORP holders.

Scorpion Casino Ready to Launch $SCORP on 4 Tier-1 Exchanges Following Pinksale

cex listing scorpion
After an incredible presale that raised well over $10 million, Scorpion Casino has officially announced the first four exchanges on which the $SCORP token will launch in April 2024.

The presale was an incredible success. Investors rushed to become early adopters of the revenue-sharing platform, buying the $SCORP token at the lowest possible prices.

With the presale behind us, the team has officially announced that $SCORP will go live on three tier-1 centralized exchanges and a prominent DEX.

The first listing will be on PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on the Binance Chain. It will go live on April 15th at 2 PM UTC.

Following the initial DEX listing, the $SCORP token will be listed on LBank exchange, a top-tier exchange facilitating over $1.6 billion daily trading volume. The token will launch on LBank on April 17th at 2 PM UTC.

Later in April, $SCORP will also launch on Bitmart and XT, introducing the token to a wide range of exchanges for deep liquidity.

What’s the Hype Behind This Revenue-Sharing Casino?

The Scorpion Casino presale was a mega success, as investors rushed to buy a share of the passive income token.

Furthermore, the deflationary mechanism embedded in the passive income system fueled the presale buying spree.

Scorpion Casino intends to create the number one ranked social gambling platform where its players can earn a share of the revenues generated on the casino.

As a result, those holding the $SCORP token will effectively become casino owners, sharing in the platform’s earnings.

Best of all, the passive income earned will increase as the platform grows in adoption – with an upside limit capped at $10,000 USDT daily.

The team will distribute the platform’s revenues by buying $SCORP tokens from the open market every day, providing it with a source of daily demand.

Then, using the $SCORP purchased in the buybacks, the team will distribute half of the tokens to all $SCORP stakers on the network.

The other half bought during $SCORP buybacks will then be sent to a burner wallet, creating deflation within the ecosystem.

Together, the rising demand through buybacks and the falling supply through deflation help create a scenario of consistent value appreciation for $SCORP over the long term.

Time to Buy? Successful Casino With 1 Year Profitability About to Start Distributing Revenues

With the presale now over, buying $SCORP will be as soon as the token is launched on exchanges.

The casino has already been running profitable for over a year now, with well over $100K already distributed to early $SCORP buyers in the presale.

With the native token live, newcomers will likely want to share the platform’s revenues, increasing the price.

Best of all, Scorpion Casino is a crypto-based casino built to compete with the industry’s heavyweights.

It’s connected to the major gaming providers, such as Evolution and AMATIC, to offer its users over 200 highly polished games.

A sports betting section also allows fans to wager bets on the outcome of sports matches, facilitated through an integration with BetRadar.

Finally, it’s important to note that Scorpion Casino is a fully licensed platform, with credentials from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity – making the platform provably fair.

Overall, Scorpion Casino is ready for an epic first month of active trading following its presale.

As the platform’s passive income starts to rise, new traders will start buying $SCORP to earn from it, creating a lucrative flywheel effect.

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