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Polychain Warns Users Against Engaging with CEO’s X Account Following Hack

David Pokima
Last updated: | 2 min read
Polychain Warns Users Against Engaging with CEO’s X Account Following Hack
Source: AdobeStock / Tomasz Bidermann

Digital assets fund management company, Polychain Capital has urged users not to interact with the X (formerly Twitter) account of its CEO following a hack.

In a Jan 4  X post, the platform acknowledged the breach on the account of its CEO Carlson Wee asking users not to engage until further notice.

The incident was detected when the CEO’s and founder’s account started promoting fake airdrops without a sign-off from management seeking to get community engagements.

A post of a “PCHAIN” token airdrop on Jan 4 was advertised as part of the New Year’s celebration of the company in addition to links disguised as relating to the firm.

In celebration of the New Year, We have decided to start the $PCHAIN phase 1 distribution early! What are you waiting for? Get your share before it’s too late! Register below to participate.”

Consequently, the hacker continued with more pistols related to the subject matter with over 41,000 viewing the posts. However, it can be seen that the hacker’s posts on the account have been taken down but the platform has not given the official go-ahead on X to engage with the account at press time.

Polychain is a cryptocurrency venture capital firm based in the United States with investment in technology and about $2.6 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Over the years, blockchain phishing scams have gained notoriety as a way of tricking users into clicking malicious links from scam websites or authentic sources that have been compromised. If a user clicks or engages, they may be lured to deposit funds or engage with a scam network exposing them to more hacks.

A popular incident around the cryptocurrency industry occurred in September when the X account of Vitalik Buterin was compromised leading to hackers defrauding victims $691,000 after posting fake links for a free non-fungible token promotion.

Phishing scams hit $295 million in 2023

This month Cryptonews reported on Scam Sniffers’ findings into industry phishing scams over the past year. The blockchain security firm revealed that $295 million was stolen by wallet drainers from 324,000 users.

Over the past year, phishing activities have steadily increased each month with phishing scammers employing more sophisticated tactics to evade security measures. Scam Sniffer has made findings on “Wallet Drainers” that warrant the industry’s full attention.”

Most phishing scams occurred in March as a result of fluctuations in USDC leading to bad actors creating fake websites and links impersonating the company.

Inferno Drainer led the hack list with a total of $81 million worth of assets stolen from 134,000 users while MS and Angel Drainer were next with $59 million and 20 million worth of assets stolen from 63,000 and 30,000 users.

It should be noted that several blockchain security firms reported a reduction in the wider number of cryptocurrency scams from December 2022.