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PICS: 3-Day Summit to Make Polynesia the Beating Heart of the Web3 and Blockchain Continent

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by

Tahiti, May 1, 2022 – The first edition of the Polynesian Islands Crypto Summit (PICS) will be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Faa’a (Tahiti) from June 5 to 7.

This exceptional event in summit format will consist of 3 days of conferences and panels on Web3, blockchain and crypto-economy themes and will be hosted by about 15 international speakers (business leaders, legal and regulatory experts, entrepreneurs…).

Far from the preconceived ideas still associated with the sector, the PICS is intended to be a space for exchange, information and education, mainly focused on the potential for growth, development and employment offered by the sector, for the benefit of all Polynesians.

In order to remove any barrier to entry, the PICS will also be exceptional in another way: its access will be free of charge, upon reservation. 

Approximately one hundred professionals, key players and journalists from the sector, nearly thirty partners and leading sponsors from the industry, some of which are worth tens of billions of dollars (Avalanche, FTX, Elrond Network…), more than 14,000 followers on social networks in just a few weeks…

The first edition of the Polynesian Islands Crypto Summit will be held on June 5, 6 and 7 at the InterContinental Hotel in Faa’a and is already shaping up to be exceptional. 

Born from a modest ambition in mid-2021, PICS has over the months become one of the most anticipated crypto events of 2022, now competing in terms of expectation and attractiveness with iconic industry summits and conferences such as PBWS in Paris, the Bitcoin Conference in Miami or the Consensus 2022 summit in Austin (which is actually held a few days after PICS).

NFT, metaverse, Web3, crypto-currencies… not a day goes by without these new topics invading the news and social networks. 

Still largely unknown to the general public, and often associated with many preconceived ideas, these new concepts – sometimes complex or even counterintuitive – nevertheless outline the digital world in which we will evolve in the coming years. 

Paradoxically, despite its economic weight and explosive growth, this new sector is still an unknown colossus. However, the next digital giants are already evolving there, ready to compete with the famous GAFA (Google-Amazon-Facebook-Apple).

The implications of this growth, estimated in trillions of dollars for the coming decade, are infinite and will have consequences on our daily lives, our financial systems, but also on notions as fundamental as the protection of personal data, privacy, the very notion of ownership, governance, and even international geopolitical balances.

The potential for growth and employment in this sector is unprecedented, and French Polynesia is in a position to support this rising wave. 

This is the essence of the PICS summit.  

Unprecedented growth opportunities for Polynesia

The PICS Summit has 4 main objectives :

  • To expose, to French Polynesian audience, a “state of the art” of the ecosystem and of the blockchain economy, with the presentation of concrete cases from which students, entrepreneurs, artists, or traders will be able to draw inspiration in order to anticipate and accompany these inescapable technological evolutions.
  • To present the employment opportunities of a sector in perpetual search of talents and skills and whose operating codes allow to work while remaining in Fenua (“the Land” in Polynesian language).
  • To highlight Polynesia, its art, its culture and its gentle way of life, its environment, its institutional stability and its attractive tax system in order to attract professionals of the sector (digital nomads), and even companies seduced by the particularities of the territory (strategy of “Follow the Sun”).
  • To offer the Polynesian tech community a federative and educational event. PICS aims to raise awareness and educate the general public about the new services offered by the Web3 and to protect them against scams and malicious initiatives (Ponzi pyramids, distribution of unregulated financial products, “scams”…).

Finally, the PICS aims to allow Polynesia to join the national dynamics on the subject. As such, the summit is supported by the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB) co-founded by MP Jean-Michel MIS.

PICS, a free, accessible and inclusive event for all

Traditionally, access to specialized conferences and summits costs from several hundred to several thousand euros (from 200 to 3500 euros for a Platinum Pass at PBWS).

However, the organizers of the PICS wanted to make these 3 days of conferences free of charge (with tickets and prior reservation) in order to erase any barrier to entry for the most modest. 

Moreover, the conferences and panels have been calibrated to follow a structured pedagogical path (Understand, Learn, Work) and to be accessible to anyone, without any prerequisites. 

At the end of the summit, the participant will have benefited from a complete overview of the industry, will have been presented with concrete use cases and will know how he can take advantage of Web3, the potential of blockchain and the crypto economy. 

Most importantly, he will be enlightened and able to detect the most common scams and traps. 

World-class speakers

About 15 renowned speakers and panelists from the industry will come to speak and exchange with the Polynesian public in a professional and friendly setting.

Notable among them are:

  • Owen Simonin, popularizer and business leader, followed by several hundred thousand people on social networks and behind the founding of several growing companies in the sector. Speaker on BFM,
  • Thibaut Boutrou, Director of Operations at Just Mining, the European leader in blockchain security
  • Hellmouth Banner, editor-in-chief of Journal du Coin,
  • Nicolas Lemaitre, director of Avalanche France,
  • Benoit Huguet, founder of BitConseil and co-founder of the first French media on blockchain, the Journal du Coin,
  • Julien Henrot-Dias, CEO of the exchange platform Deskoin
  • Saimi Barragan, CEO of Start Mining, a European specialist in mining on renewable energy
  • Hugo Manteau, CEO of QoWatt, a blockchain start-up specialized in the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

Several major speakers remain to be revealed in the coming weeks, including on the subjects of taxation and regulation. 

Free admission, via ticketing available on the event’s forum

Official website:

Twitter account:

Linkedin account:

Press accreditation: [email protected] / (+687) 89 34 92 92

The PICS Summit is supported by the media Journal du Coin and organized by Hellmouth Banner Academy, a training and education center for blockchain and Web3 in Polynesia

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.