Omniapp Kicks Off Initial Seed Token Sale, Beta AI DApp Set to Release

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Omniapp is an integrated platform built on the Binance Blockchain, with the goal of providing a cohesive experience for users to interact with AI products.

Omniapp is designed to streamline the usage of diverse AI products by integrating them into a single application, eliminating the hassle of navigating between multiple websites and apps allowing you to stay focused and organized while avoiding multiple subscription fees. 

Interested investors and early adopters looking to acquire $OMP tokens, the Omniapp platform’s utility token which will be instrumental in accessing omniapp, while also serving as the governance token can do so by clicking the link below.

Buy OMP Tokens Here 

The OMP token sale will last for 30 days or until the hard cap of 645 BNB is met.

One of Omniapp’s distinguishing features is its ability to combine and leverage artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to enhance both ecosystems’ adoption and utility, providing value to users.

Additionally, early investors will benefit from the OMP token seed sale’s low price as the first stage of the sale provides 15,500 OMP tokens for 1 BNB, with the price increasing after the seed sale before the next round of presale on Pinksale. 

With Omni AI-powered chatbot, designers and NFT creators can generate AI NFT images using the AI image generation tools. Additionally, Omniapp is working on an AI-powered telegram moderation bot that can benefit multiple projects and promote the adoption of web 3.0.

The best part is that accessing these AI products is as simple as holding and staking the $OMP utility token on our dapp. As you utilize these features, you can earn staking rewards simultaneously.

Buy OMP Tokens Here

OMP Utility Token

The OMP utility token will be the core of the Omniapp platform, serving various purposes such as a subscription token for accessing Omniapp features, as well as a DAO governance token for creating and voting on proposals that impact the platform.

OMP Tokenomics

The OMP Token has a maximum supply of 100 million tokens, with 10 million tokens (10%) allocated to the seed sale, 30% designated for the Pinksale pre-sale, and an additional 15% set aside for liquidity on Pancake Swap.

To ensure transparency, the team, marketing, and treasury tokens will be vested and linearly unlocked over a period of 48 to 56 months.

The Omniapp team, co-founded by Damir Hajdic and Denis Lukavackié, comprises experienced developers from various backgrounds such as software development and cryptography.

How To Buy OMP Tokens During The Seed Sale?

You can acquire OMP tokens by following the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Download Metamask Or Trust wallet

Step 2: Buy BNB From Binance, Gate Or Kucoin

Please note that BNB will be necessary to cover the BSC (BEP20) gas fee in the wallet.

Step 3: Visit The Token Sale Page, Connect Your Wallet & Swap BNB For OMP

Once connected, users can enter the desired number of tokens they wish to purchase and click on the “buy now” button.

A separate window will appear for finalizing the transaction and covering the BNB gas fee. Finally, click on “confirm.” 

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