Olive: An Innovative Metaverse Project Set to Dominate the Blockchain Industry

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The metaverse is one of the most notable projects on the blockchain and has gained popularity among crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts. Additionally, the digital world has contributed immensely to the increase in cryptocurrency adoption. With the metaverse, users can create their reality, own digital assets, trade and interact with other members of the metaverse world. 

The development of the metaverse shows that it is more than a social network because people can connect on a closer level. Cryptocurrency aims to break the barrier of making online transactions, and the metaverse is making that goal possible. 

Olive is an innovative metaverse project that offers a solution for everyone to exchange their precious points for Olive tokens.

Better Communication Experience

Olive metaverse platform is built on Klaytn (KLAY) network, the mainnet of Ground X, to maximize all economic activities of the metaverse. It has massive potentials and intends to provide a unique virtual experience using 3D avatars where users can explore and enjoy the wonders of the metaverse. 

Olive metaverse provides a win-win solution for its users through an advanced mode of communication. Participants can use their creativity and imagination to create and share everything through 3D Avatar. Furthermore, the protocol aims to establish point integration services within the ecosystem and strengthen its business model, which would lead to an influx of customers.

The metaverse needs a unified system to run effectively. Hence, Olive has integrated a point integration platform is necessary and only a measure for smooth economic activity within the metaverse. In addition, the point integration platform raises the value of brands in the metaverse and attracts the attention and interests of the metaverse participants.

With the point integration services, consumers can conveniently create synergy through complementary development among online delivery food companies by allowing membership points provided by each brand to be actively utilized without meaningless extinction.

Additionally, clients can store up points by actively participating in activities in the ecosystem. These accumulated points can be used for consuming activities within the Olive metaverse protocol. Unused points may be stored on Olive permanently without an expiration date.

Accumulated points can be exchanged for a token on a particular ratio to use, and it can be used simultaneously. For example, in daily life, points acquired by ordering fried chickens can be exchanged for a payment for a pizza order, increasing the convenience and satisfaction of the clients. Also, when ordering the brands’ products displayed within the Olive metaverse platform, ordering the products on the stores in the portals contracted with OLIVE gives points without any condition or limitation.

How wonderful it is when customers can exchange their precious points for Olive tokens at over 3,000 BBQ stores that operate in 20 countries worldwide, including Korea, the United States, and Europe.

School Metaverse and Olive Wallet Web

Olive Corporation has recognized that Generation MZ holds the future of the metaverse. Most companies that use the metaverse as a marketing strategy connect easily with the younger generation. 

Generation MZ have the habit of recalling brands via characters, feels the nature of communication in the realization, and forms a sense of closeness with the companies.

The young generation is familiar with playing by decorating their avatars (characters) and has a strong tendency of pursuing fun while purchasing a product. Moreover, there is a shift toward the virtual space; thus, the metaverse market will expand. Therefore, to target Generation MZ, the corporations need to pay attention to the metaverse.

Olive is currently developing a metaverse that starts with universities, a sector where most of the MZ generation dominates. The goal is to increase Olive tokens’ utilization and expand the global ecosystem by making the school metaverse and Olive Wallet Web compatible with each other.

More Development in the Future

Olive has a partnership with BBQ Vietnam, the overseas branch engaged in the global sales of BBQ, the number one chicken brand in Korea. In addition, AC CAPITAL and five other foreign venture capitals have collaborated with the platform.

Olive is planning to expand its horizon in the food and beverage partnership business by talking with about 100 famous franchises before the end of the year. Moreover, the protocol has signed business agreements with ten food and beverage companies, including BBQ, VC, and universities, and developed Olive Wallet 1.0. 

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