Nil Foundation Launches Type-1 zkEVM for Enhanced Ethereum Scaling Security

Jai Pratap
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Ethereum research and development firm =nil; Foundation announced today the launch of Type-1 zkEVM, designed to enhance security and scalability for Ethereum.

Operating on the zkRollup framework, the zkEVM incorporates zkSharding technology, promising advanced security while maintaining full compatibility with Ethereum, as per press release shared with

Integration of zkLLVM

A distinctive feature of =nil;’s zkEVM is its integration of zkLLVM, a proprietary compiler that automates the construction of core components. This automated approach aims to mitigate potential insecurities arising from the conventional manual circuit definition process adopted by other platforms.

The zkLLVM rapidly compiles high-level code in languages such as C++ or Rust into efficient zk-SNARK circuits, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual circuit definition and minimizing the risk of human error.

According to Misha Komarov, CEO and co-founder of =nil; Foundation, the zkEVM is aims to revolutionize Ethereum’s scalability by directly addressing security and compatibility concerns that have impeded the migration of liquidity to zkRollups.

The Type-1 zkEVM, compiled through zkLLVM, enhances auditability, streamlines circuit implementation, and reduces the potential for security vulnerabilities.

Key properties of =nil;’s zkEVM include improved auditability, as its automated compilation from mainstream programming languages makes it more accessible and cost-effective for auditing processes. The zkEVM is also touted as highly adaptable to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) changes, ensuring it remains a future-proof scaling solution.

Unlike existing platforms relying on manual circuits, =nil;’s zkEVM accommodates changes in parameters, simplifying and expediting the integration of new Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs).

Moreover, =nil;’s zkEVM stands out for its Type-1 bytecode compatibility, closely aligning with evmone, a C++ version of Ethereum’s base execution environment.

This compatibility ensures better security and quicker implementation, eliminating the need for auditing different bytecode implementations. In contrast, other zkEVMs with less compatibility require substantial efforts to replicate exact EVM behavior.

This newly introduced zkEVM powers =nil;’s zkRollup, aiming to scale Ethereum to over 60,000 transactions per second through zkSharding, enabling developers to construct composable applications with transparent access to Ethereum data.