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New Eco-Friendly DePIN Crypto eTukTuk Smashes $1M Raised In Multi-Chain Fight Against Climate Change

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 2 min read
In major development for DePIN, rising crypto $TUK has smashed a whopping $1M raised in the eTukTuk presale, can crypto stop climate change?

Thursday, February 15, 2024 – Emerging eco-friendly DePIN crypto project eTukTuk has unlocked major presale success, with $1M raised in Stage 11 as green-minded investors flood into the latest crypto presale.

The resounding $1,003,061 stands as a huge vote of confidence from crypto investors, and brings the eTukTuk presale alluringly close to the next stage, with just $160k more needed to reach its target.

Smart money investors are racing for good reason – each new stage of the eTukTuk presale brings an incremental price increase of 3%, baking in pre-listing gains for early backers (up to a total of 31% across the presale).

But with so much hype growing around this sustainable DePIN concept, what exactly is eTukTuk? And, how does eTukTuk work? Let’s dig in.

The eTukTuk Revolution Explained: How is eTukTuk Transforming Urban Mobility?

At its core, eTukTuk is about more than just introducing the new $TUK cryptocurrency, it’s a comprehensive solution aiming to make a serious dent in the fight against climate change.

Indeed, with the project aiming to reduce carbon emissions, combat CO2-related health conditions, and foster financial inclusion – particularly in developing countries – the potential impact is huge.

The project’s main offering is innovative electric vehicle charging equipment (EVSE), tailored to meet the needs of congested cities and suburban areas in developing regions.

Alongside this DePIN EVSE infrastructure, the project is also presenting its proprietary EV tuk-tuk model, designed to be both affordable and efficient, facilitating a seamless transition for drivers from traditional vehicles to eco-friendlier options.

This is important, as eTukTuk’s goal here is to tackle the emissions of more than 270 million traditional combustion engine tuk tuks worldwide – a two-pronged challenge of cost-effective vehicles and suitable infrastructure.

But eTukTuk is not just replacing traditional tuk-tuks with electric variants; it’s redefining urban mobility with a slew of AI and blockchain solutions:

  • AI-Driven Efficiency: The $TUK token fuels AI advancements to optimize routes, reduce traffic congestion, and cut down on fuel consumption.
  • Eco-Friendly Innovations: $TUK aligns token presale efforts with environmental goals, supporting green transportation research.
  • Smart Infrastructure: $TUK tokens are pioneering intelligent transport systems through AI-enhanced blockchain technology.
  • Predictive Maintenance: AI integration in eTukTuks allows for timely maintenance, prolonging vehicle life and ensuring reliability.

Decarbonizing Asia-Pacific’s Transport Infrastructure: How Does $TUK Work?

In major development for DePIN, rising crypto $TUK has smashed a whopping $1M raised in the eTukTuk presale, can crypto stop climate change?In an effort to support decentralized growth, the $TUK token is pivotal to eTukTuk’s ecosystem, ensuring a democratic, transparent, and secure future.

Built on BNB Chain for its compatibility with Binance Pay and Connect, it enables smooth transaction processing and reliable network uptime.

Additionally, the project’s multi-chain approach, incorporating both BNB Chain and Cardano, demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and cross-chain interoperability – which could see the project expand in future.

eTukTuk also introduces staking for holders, a mechanism allowing participants to earn rewards by staking $TUK tokens at a jaw-dropping +220% APY.

So don’t miss out on eTukTuk’s efforts to fight back against climate change using the power of blockchain technology.

Follow on X (formerly Twitter) to connect with the latest news and updates.

Also take the opportunity to connect with fellow eco-visionaries on eTukTuk’s community channels across Discord and Telegram.

Join the eTukTuk presale here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.