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This New Crypto Will Introduce Token Gated Access for the Leading Combat Sports Community on Web3 – How Does it Work?

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Move-2-Earn (M2E) created a lot of noise last year, with projects such as Solana-based STEPN gaining big traction. Yet, despite surging interest, many feel the sector has failed to deliver on the promise of revolutionizing fitness and health with Web3.

Fight Out is an ambitious M2E project on a mission to change that.

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Frustrated by the high cost of entry barriers, including expensive NFT sneakers on platforms like STEPN, the team behind Fight Out has developed a new M2E concept that prioritizes personal development over transactional dApp dynamics.

Unlike other fitness and health apps on Web3, Fight Out has removed all barriers to entry, making it accessible to anyone interested in improving their well-being. Additionally, the platform’s reward system allows users to start earning right away, ushering in a new era of inclusive and empowering fitness experiences.

And markets are excited, the Fight Out presale has shocked the space with an ongoing skyrocket presale that has raised a jaw-dropping $5.18m already.

With the project rapidly emerging as the biggest M2E launch of 2023, analysts are anticipating an influx of capital from STEPN after GMT’s failed recovery rally once again disappointed investors.

How Does Fight Out (FGHT) Work?

The dApp tracks innovative metrics using your phone’s in-built inertial measurement unit. Using blockchain technology, your workouts are then rewarded with $REPS.

This marks a huge advancement from STEPN’s pedometer technology, with Fight Out able to track and reward every type of workout, from your time spent hammering away on the punching bag, to your time on the driving range, even your progress lifting weight in the gym.

This contributes to a secondary play-2-earn (P2E) layer to the ecosystem, which pits users head-to-head in competition and challenges to win rewards. With Fight Out tipped to announce a lineup of UFC athlete ambassadors, you could put your stats to the test in a challenge against your favorite fighter.

The user’s journey is built around a ‘Soulbound’ NFT avatar. Soulbound means that the NFT cannot be resold and will be a permanent representation and record of the user’s progress in fitness.

With deep-seated character creation and customization, these NFT avatars become the digital embodiment of your hard work and progress.

Notably, the avatar’s physique and stats level up based on your real-world achievements in the gym and the dojo.

The Soulbound avatar is an exciting development in the M2E space that removes longstanding expensive barriers to entry in the M2E space. With no start-up costs, it is hoped the promise of M2E will entice fitness junkies and gym-goers globally.

How Will $FGHT token work?

As users progress on their fitness journeys and complete workouts, they’re rewarded with in-app $REPS tokens. These are redeemable for native $FGHT tokens.

$FGHT is accumulated by the user and can be cashed out to provide a real-world monetary reward for your efforts in the gym.

But functionally, $FGHT is the means of settlement and trade across a huge marketplace of in-app goods, services, items, NFTs and more.

With $FGHT adding a financial dimension, the in-app experience aims to gamify physical training with the goal of unlocking a fitness revolution for a new Web3 generation plagued by inactivity.

This plugs into the Fight Out community ecosystem, with social spaces in development that will see the platform become center stage for high-stakes tournaments between users.

Fight Out Partner Elite Fighters Ahead of UFC 285

Fight Out is already making a big impact in the sporting world with an impressive line-up of professional boxers and elite UFC fighters joining the project as Ambassadors.

Source / Amanda Ribas Instagram

Big names include UFC fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, and Champion Boxer Savannah Marshall – all of which have joined the project as Ambassador to lead workouts, challenges, and contests.

Users can undertake ambassador-set challenges and participate in on-demand video classes centered on Strength and Conditioning, Cardio, Technique, and Mobility. 

Fight Out Referral Program

In a genius marketing move that is seeing the project gather immense traction, the Fight Out team announced the launch of a referral link program. This gives users the ability to receive a 5% commission for signing up their friends.

All users need to do is go to the Fight Out homepage, connect a valid crypto wallet, and then click on the 5% referral link button.

At this point, a unique referral link will be generated to earn you commission – share the link with friends and family or post it to your social media.

This means every time someone buys the $FGHT token – you receive 5% of the purchase amount.

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Fight Out $5.18m Presale Sets Stage For CEX Launches

The knockout funding round has seen Fight Out raise $5m from early backers. To encourage early token purchases, the price of the token increases every seven days.

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$FGHT is currently priced at $0.02610 and the exchange listing price is expected to be $0.0333.

Fight Out will be listed on the following seven exchanges: LBank, XT.com, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex, and Uniswap.

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