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New Crypto Presale Dogeverse Raises $250,000 in Minutes, Will This Multi-Chain Meme Coin Explode?

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 4 min read
New Crypto Presale Dogeverse Raises $250,000 in Minutes, Will This Multi-Chain Meme Coin Explode?
New Crypto Presale Dogeverse Raises $250,000 in Minutes, Will This Multi-Chain Meme Coin Explode? / Source: Dogeverse Website

Monday, April 8th, 2024 – New crypto presale Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) has raised $254,000 within minutes of launch, indicating it could be the next meme coin to explode on the scene.

Doge Day coming on April 20 will be a huge fillip for Dogeverse, as hype around all things Doge reaches fever pitch, against the backdrop of the bitcoin halving to boot.

If those two drivers were not enough to send this meme coin’s price on a skyward ride, its multi-chain properties certainly spike the rocket fuel.

Solana, Base, Avalanche… there are a host of chains out there vying to be the go-to destination for meme coin launches. Dogeverse plans to fit the bill by being all things to all chains. It is already live on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon but has Solana, Base and Avalanche in the works for launch day. This multi-bridge utility is a massive extension to the power of the Doge universe.

Dogeverse is doing something no other meme coin has attempted. There are multi-chains already but none are as expansive and interconnected as Dogeverse plans to be. 

The new crypto presale Dogeverse is inserting itself into a narrative that is concentrating minds on the widening opportunities of meme coins being spun up on multiple chains.

Dogeverse’s multi-bridge utility is something to boast about

Let’s make no bones about it, Dogeverse is the first meme coin to launch on the six most used blockchains after Bitcoin. Now that is something to boast about.

Dogeverse is the first chain-traveling Doge and is priced at $0.00029, with a final presale price of $0.00030500. The second price stage ($0.00029100) starts in three days’ time or when $870,000 has been raised. It means there is no time to lose to avail of the lowest price as the first target could be hit in the next few hours.

Keep in touch with developments on the project’s X/Twitter and Telegram.

Elon Musk will be priming Doge for ‘Doge Day’ and that’s great for Dogeverse

If multi-chain is not impressive enough, then there’s the self-propulsion already baked into the Doge ecosystem that comes from the musings and persona of Elon Musk. The multibillionaire has a lot on his plate, but he still makes time to sing the praises of Dogecoin.

Bring all these market-friendly attributes together in one multi-coin and this project starts to feel like it could be a meme coin monster.

The chains targeted by $DOGVERSE are a mixture of Layer 1s like Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana and BNB Smart Chain, alongside Layer 2s such as Polygon and Base. It would be fair to say that Dogeverse has got every angle covered.

In crypto there is no time to rest on your laurels, as the expansion in the number of chains being used to launch meme coins attests. The rate of change is quickening which is why Dogeverse is looking very much like it is the smartest doggie of them all by going all in on multi-chain.  

Once derided as a nice idea but too ambitious, Solana is showing its worth and has for all intents and purposes overthrown Ethereum when it comes to the future of meme coins.

Base coins DEGEN and BRETT prices take off – Dogeverse next to explode? 

Yet its advantages over Ethereum don’t mean that Solana isn’t in its turn vulnerable to a competing chain coming along to muscle in on its newly acquired dominance. 

Base and Polygon both address Ethereum’s weaknesses in slightly different ways with Layer 2 solutions running atop the primary transactional settlement layer.

Tokens such as $DEGEN have leveraged this on Base by building on top of it a Layer 3. DEGEN has a fully diluted market capitalization of $1.56 billion. Meanwhile, another Base coin, $BRETT, has exploded in value, currently trading at $0.0792, near its all-time high.

Similar to the phenomenon witnessed on Solana, meme coins are bringing tens of thousands of new users to the Base chain. Dogeverse will be adding to this momentum in its own unique way by effectively enabling tunnels to be created that effortlessly bridge access and liquidity across chains, making meme-coin investing even more flexible, not to mention valuable.

Named ‘Cosmo the Doge’, this cute little mut was “born with the unique ability to hyperjump between the stars of the crypto universe” – and there’s no doubt with that sort of utility, he could even become a superstar himself.

Total token supply is 200 billion, with 15% allocated to the presale and 10% to staking rewards. Buyers in the presale can start staking straightaway.

The Dogeverse has just got a whole lot bigger with Cosmo the Doge bounding onto the meme coin playing field. Dogeverse makes single-chain meme coins stale – get with the multi-chain program and the hyper ROI. 

Buy Dogeverse Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.