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MOVEZ Token Soars 30x Hours from IDO Price Minutes after OKX Listing

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

MOVEZ, the governance token of the move-to-earn project, MoveZ, is making waves in the crypto market following its exemplary performance less than a month after its wildly successful IDO. The MOVEZ token is now available for trading at OKX, a reputable and liquid exchange supporting crypto and fiat conversion. 

According to trackers, the MOVEZ token is now trading at a rate of 30x on the IDO price. The token is also available for trading in other top-tier exchanges like ByBit,, and MEXC.

The Success of MOVEZ IDO

The MOVEZ IDO was held on four launchpads; BSCPad, PolyPad, MetaVPad, and GameZone. Notably, the IDO sold out in a matter of minutes, representing the huge demand for a platform which is looking likely to blow away the competition in the move-to-earn space this summer.

There were approximately 13k investors across all pads. On BSCPad, there were 2,976 participants, and on MetaVPad, the cap was set at 700 BUSD, where the same dollar to MOVEZ allocation applied. On the other two launchpads, Polypad and GameZone, the cap stood at 700 USDC and 700 BUSD, respectively, and with space so limited, there looks to be some significant movements on top of the initial trading gains today and this week. Notably, all investors in all pads received a 99 percent discount on the price of the tokens and the project raised USD 15,000,000 from a target of USD 6,000

Burn2Earn – Revolutionizing the Move2Earn Landscape

The surge in MOVEZ’s prices boils down to the platform’s grand plans and approach to the popular move-to-earn concept. MoveZ aims to take on StepN, a move-to-earn platform whose native token, GMT, is one of the top-performing assets in the space. StepN has attracted attention due to its reward system and GMT’s steady rise despite the crypto market indicating bearish tendencies. 

MoveZ is releasing an innovative and equally revolutionary burn-to-earn concept where a user’s favorite token is burnt for every physical activity and rewarded to the user. Its solution bypasses challenges faced by alternative options, including the barrier to entry where users have to own NFTs. Instead, MoveZ level’s the playing field by providing a range of tiers that can be accessed by simply staking MOVEZ tokens.

Users will be rewarded for working out, walking, cycling, and even surfing. In fact, all forms of exercise can be rewarded through MoveZ, and all these calorie-burning activities will be tracked from the MoveZ mobile app, meaning active users will always be making money doing what they love best while remaining healthy and improving their fitness levels.

Another Success from BlueZilla 

The idea of MoveZ was incubated by BlueZilla, which is by far one of the most successful incubators in the world. BlueZilla continues to support top dApps in DeFi, gaming, and NFTs, offering them critical technical, financial, marketing, and business development support to have the edge over competitors. In 2021, WagyuSwap, one of BlueZilla’s incubated projects, was one of the top-performing IDOs with an 85X ROI for participating investors, and it has launched ⅓ of the top performing IDOs of 2021.

MOVEZ is defying gravity at spot rates, and the trend could well continue. MoveZ plans to announce more high-profile partners in the coming months, and the release of the mobile app will surely create a splash, further fueling the leg up.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.