Mooky (MOOK) is a New Community-Driven Charity & Governance Token Available to Buy on Presale Now

Viraj Randev
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Mooky ($MOOK) is a new cryptocurrency project that aims to leverage blockchain technology for the benefit of the environment. Along with offering utility through the $MOOK token, Mooky’s main goal is to contribute to green charities worldwide. 

To expand its ecosystem, Mooky will let users purchase exclusive NFTs and get access to governance through its own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In this article, we will cover all the key features of the Mooky project and give all the details about the ongoing token presale. 

Mooky – A New Charity-Based Crypto Project 

Mooky is a new community-driven cryptocurrency token that has launched its new token, $MOOK, on presale. By raising funds within the ecosystem, Mooky aims to give back to charities around the world. 

As the platform expands and the $MOOK token lists on crypto exchanges, the Mooky ecosystem will begin planting trees and contributing funds to rainforest foundations from around the world. $MOOK is an ERC-20 token that has a total supply of 500 billion tokens. 

Notably, 3% of the overall token supply will be used as a visible charity wallet. This ensures that the platform regularly contributes to charities. A safe and 100% secure token to use, the Mooky contract code has been fully audited by SpyWolfNetwork. Furthermore, the Mooky team has been verified by SolidProof to ensure anti-rug and complete project security.

Since Mooky aims to be a community-driven project, it has chosen to make $MOOK a 0% tax token. Therefore, investors need not pay additional charges when trading the token within the ecosystem. Apart from just functioning as a meme token, Mooky has introduced several use cases for the cryptocurrency. 

In the sections below, we will look at Mooky’s NFT project and governance ecosystem. 


Buy Mooky NFTs and Access the Ventures Club DAO 

One of the main use cases of $MOOK will be to purchase NFTs within the ecosystem. According to the Mooky whitepaper, the platform will release a collection of 1,000 3D-based Mooky NFTs. 

Each NFT is backed by a real-life planted tree which can be tracked on the ecosystem. With your $MOOK holdings, you will be eligible to mint a new NFT. Each NFT differs in characteristics and belongs to one of the five rarities – Uncommon, Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary. 

Notably, the investors that mint either a Super Rare or Legendary NFT will get access to the Mooky Ventures Club, which functions as the platform’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This is a governance ecosystem that allows members to vote on the future outlook of the cryptocurrency project. 

The platform also states that the Ventures Club DAO will give many benefits, such as exclusive access to new airdrops and merchandise drops. Moreover, Mooky will establish an investment portfolio for the Ventures Club members, allowing them to earn passive income on the ecosystem. 

Users will be required to pay a 15% tax when trading the Mooky NFTs on the ecosystem. 8% of this tax will be allocated to the seller, while 5% will be distributed among existing token holders. The remaining 2% of the tax will be contributed to the charities Mooky works with. 

Buy $MOOK on the 7th Presale Round 

Interested in the use cases that Mooky is offering through its native token? If so, interested investors can join the project during the ongoing presale before the price increases. From the 500 billion token supply, Mooky has allocated 350 billion tokens for the presale. 

This equates to 70% of the token supply. This gives investors ample opportunity to enter the token presale and be a part of this community. Mooky’s community-driven project has also vowed to allocate most of the tokens for the community by the time the exchange listing takes place. 

This is because a further 20% of the token supply has been set aside for the upcoming exchange listings. Investors can purchase $MOOK for the ongoing presale for only $0.00000516 per token. By the final presale round, the price will increase to $0.00003125 per token.

Since the presale started, this successful project has already raised more than $723K. A further 5% of the token supply will be used on DApps (Decentralized Applications) for staking purposes, showing the multiple use cases available on the Mooky platform. 

Furthermore, Mooky has stated that it will offer token holders regular awards and prizes. For instance, as part of its marketing strategy, it will offer Mooky car giveaways and host regular community events to make the brand more popular. 

After the presale ends, Mooky will look to list its native token on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX) – one of the top crypto exchanges in the space. This can help increase the token’s trading volume and help the price go up. 

To learn more about this cryptocurrency project and stay updated with the presale, join the Mooky Telegram channel