15 Sep 2021 · 3 min read

Monetize Your Data With Cirus Foundation

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

The most innovative brains in the crypto market have invented a new concept that will transform the way people are treated regarding their data. The Cirus platform is the perfect example of how this issue is being handled. 

The project focuses on Accessibility in the Digital Era, BigData and the Key to Ownership, and, most importantly, Decentralization and WEB3.

The Cirus Foundation platform

The platform is a first-of-its-kind hardware device meant to free data ownership while connecting to the blockchain and creating value. The Cirus is designed to be an ideal entry point for individuals into the digital economy. 

They created a simple plug-and-play device that allows anyone to effortlessly enter the cryptoverse and make actual money from their regular activities. When a link is established to the Cirus Network, it opens a unique data asset. It enables real-world value creation via user-generated events, lead grabs, ad income, node validation, and much more.

Cirus intends to generate a high-quality data asset and return its value to its owner, the user; this asset may be the user's first digital asset in the cryptoverse. They also plan to build a trustless, secure, decentralized network that allows users to seamlessly transact with others worldwide utilizing digital keys supported by a dynamic data NFT.


Since its conception, the platform has achieved numerous milestones, ranging from announcing the dual IDO debut to the Gate.io listing in less than a month. 

The month of August 2021 presented several options for the Cirus Foundation to enter the market, such as different agreements with Polygon, DFYN partnership, and staking. In terms of the listing, they already collaborate with Kucoin, Uniswap, Quickswap, Gate.io, and Bitmart, with more to come. 

There is additional information about the persons behind the initiative. Ex-Apple CEO Gil Amelio and Seagate founder Finis Conner joined the platform as advisors. They also organized YouTube AMAs with Scaleswap, the Spectre Group, and ICO Pantera, where viewers can learn more about the idea.

Cirus Ecosystem

The Cirus Foundation is a multi-layered ecosystem that aims to advance the ownership economy by using the latest advances in hardware, software, and a tokenized economy. The platform ecosystem consists of the following components: 

The Cirus Device provides a revolutionary solution to the accessibility problem by replacing a typical home internet router. It has a primary working mechanism that simply requires to be plugged in, providing users with instant access to a cryptocurrency wallet and the potential to leverage the Cirus Network for data control and monetization. This method serves as a one-stop entry point into the Ownership Economy.

Cirus Core Platform - this strategy combines modern ad-tech with blockchain technology, providing users access to their data. This platform will assist individuals in collecting and organizing their profile user data from the Cirus device while helping them maintain control over it.

The Cirus Confluence - is the value of creating an ecosystem layer by establishing a robust decentralized network to support the hardware and software components. It serves four primary blockchain functions: identification, security, fractionalization, and data asset remittance. The Cirus token provides authentication to the Cirus Device while operating as a settlement currency and a bridge for value flowing in and out of the ecosystem.


With that being said, the Cirus platform will provide its users everything they need to manage and control their data. The Cirus Device, Core platform, and Confluence Network work together to deliver a robust three-prong solution linking the owner to their data asset in never-before-seen ways. 

This coming technology will empower the ownership economy and allow people to control their most valuable asset - their data.

Where to find Cirus?

Cirus is trading on Kucoin, Gate IO, Bitmart & Uniswap