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The Metaverse Is Set to Explode in 2023 – Here’s How You Can Get in Early With This Project

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

Over the past few years, technology has expanded rapidly, merging the physical and digital realms and connecting businesses with the metaverse. 

This progress is essential as the world swiftly moves towards a post-pandemic era, where the metaverse functions as a center for commerce, socialization, entertainment, business growth, and vast opportunities for exploitation.

Introducing RobotEra, an innovative metaverse platform enabling users to construct and generate captivating experiences using NFT avatars, create lands, design properties, and set up economic incentives. 

This trailblazing platform has successfully raised an impressive $1 million, indicating strong investor interest in its distinctive proposition.

The RobotEra Vibrant Ecosystem

RobotEra is a Sandbox-like metaverse gaming platform where members can own lands, build diverse estates and worlds, and earn financial ventures. 

The project takes up the concept of gamers rebuilding a planet called Taro. 

According to the plot, Taro experienced a bloody war when a group of human-like robots attacked the planet, rendering it uninhabitable for dwellers.

Players will take on the form of non-fungible avatar robots, allowing them to interact with fellow players in the metaverse community, govern their land and estates, build new worlds, and earn crypto incentives.

The iconic gaming platform asserts to enable all players to explore its immersive metaverse sphere while creatively and strategically building and constructing lands, customizing their NFT robots, editing structures, and participating in community tasks that offer significant benefits. 

RobotEra is set to create a new era of an immersive virtual world where players can breathe life into their imaginations, design unique building structures, and collaborate with other community players. 

The Sandbox-like game incorporates real-life capabilities as users can share the universe, link their regions, and build themed parks, salons, concerts, museums, bars, and many more. 

These features make the RobotEra multiverse one of the revolutionary catalysts for adopting the metaverse and fostering a thriving ecosystem and NFT communities worldwide. 

NFT-Centric Multiverse With DAO Governance

Deployed on the play-to-earn (P2E) model, the RobotEra invites players to mint NFTs to get started. 

All assets in the platform metaverse, including avatar robots, lands, estates, and many more built on NFT technology. These tools help users to dominate, thrive, interact, and enjoy the new metaverse world. 

Even better, players can mint more avatar robots as companions and trade them as NFTs in the gaming platform marketplace. 

Furthermore, RobotEra integrates a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

This means that every player in the ecosystem is eligible to have an opinion on decisions made on the platform. 

Users can also earn for their contributions and pitched ideas that are implemented. The primary goal of DAO integration is to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination based on age, race, or social class in the RobotEra community.

Fast Selling Presale – $TARO Value Set to Explode in 2023

$TARO, the native token of the RobotEra metaverse game, has been on presale for a while, raising an astounding $1 million from early adopters. 

As of press time, the digital asset trades at $0.020 USDT per token. 

Investors still have the opportunity to lock into the low-priced rate of $TARO and earn high gains from the metaverse gaming economic surge in the coming years.  

How to Buy $TARO

Wondering how to invest? We’ve created a simplified step-by-step guide to get investors started. 

Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet

To participate in the RobotEra presale and purchase a $TARO token, investors have to set up a wallet. We recommend MetaMask as it is one of the most well-known wallet options.

However, Trust Wallet is the recommended option for investors using a mobile phone.

Step 2 – Buy USDT or ETH

To purchase $TARO tokens, investors need to have USDT or ETH in their wallet. These tokens can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

After buying USDT or ETH, the next step is transferring tokens to the setup wallet address. 

Step 3 – Connect Wallet to RobotEra Dashboard

Either MetaMask or Wallet Connect must be linked to RobotEra to access the presale smart contract. 

To start, navigate to the RobotEra website, click the “Connect Wallet” icon, and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Step 4 – Buy $TARO With USDT or ETH

Investors must use either USDT or ETH to buy $TARO

Enter the amount of $TARO to be purchased, and click “Buy Now” to validate the order. 

Buy TARO on Presale Now

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