15 Sep 2022 · 2 min read

MetalStream - MTLSTR IEO Sale on P2PB2B

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The token sale session for MetalStream has already started on the P2PB2B exchange. When buying MTLSTR, users will get a 10% bonus additionally. 

The tokens can be purchased until 19 September 2022, along with joining the project's community. The token sale will be followed by a listing on the P2PB2B exchange. Meanwhile, here’s a short description of the project.

MetalStream (MTLSTR): What is it?


MetalStream is a fully tokenized precious metal trade finance company, with a strategic gold offtake agreement in place, with more to follow around the world. Founded in Labuan, Malaysia, the global operations have expanded to Dubai UAE, a strategic global hub for gold and digital assets.  

Whilst most Gold Coin projects today offer no more than the notion of gold-backed tokens, MetalStream has applied Blockchain and tokenization across the entire front-to-back operations. This provides unique differentiators over competitors, who simply have a gold-backed token. The founders have previously worked on related projects and come from mining, tech, and capital markets. The results are an innovative, secure business model, backed by earnings from physical gold offtakes, that uses blockchain technology.

What makes MTLSTR unique?

To bring the benefits of blockchain technology to this traditional investment, MetalStream is issuing MTLSTR tokens as part of its mission to deliver liquidity, safety and value:

  • MTLSTR is a security token issued on the Ethereum blockchain and represents equity shares in MetalStream. They are standards compliant and governed by existing securities regulations and safeguards (ISIN MYA165612A01);
  • MTLSTR represent equity shares in the MetalStream business, with full voting and dividend rights;
  • The balance sheet and earnings of MetalStream provide the MTLSTR token with a real asset backing a business;
  • MetalStream provides trade finance solutions for gold miners struggling with punitive legacy financing options, and in return locking in the future supply of gold from the miners;
  • MTLSTR is now available to purchasers on the P2PB2B exchange IEO launchpad. The IEO pricing  represents a discount of almost 50% to the valuation of MTLSTR, based on industry metrics.

Sounds interesting? Join the MTLSTR token sale now and participate in community life! Also, don’t forget to follow the project on social media: