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Meta Masters Guild Presale Blasts Past $3.2 Million Raised as FOMO Takes Over, Stage 6 Price Rise Incoming Soon

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 5 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Monday February 6th, 2023 – The play-to-earn games platform, Meta Masters Guild, has generated over $3.2 million in its presale, as it continues with the development of its first game, Meta Kart Racers.

The project is currently raising more around $500,000 a week and will be coming out of Stage 5 of the fundraise, after it reaches its $3,430,000 milestone.

In Stage 6 of the $MEMAG presale, the token increases in price from $0.01900 to $0.02100, a 10% rise.

The presale has seven stages altogether, with the staged price rises ending at $0.02300 – 21% above the current Stage 5 price.

Although the Stage 5 countdown shows three days to go, the end of the current phase is likely to come sooner than that.

FOMO is kicking in as $MEMAG presale nears its end

Also, as is often the case with popular presales, FOMO tends to pick up as the end of the fundraising approaches.  

No listing price has been set as yet but it will probably be at a substantial premium to the final presale price point.

Prospective investors will need fast to avail themselves of this sought-after token offering in the hot play-to-earn gaming sector.

Meta Masters Guild already has its first game studio – Gamearound – on board, and it is well advanced in the development of the first product – a racing game called Meta Kart Racers.

The blockchain developer has already created games for the likes of Boohoo, a highly successful online fashion retailer with revenues in excess of $1 billion.  

Gamearound CEO Gideon Clifton told the media last week that the playable version it is working on will feature a free entry-level NFT character and kart. 

Premium versions of Meta Kart will be available for purchase in the Meta Masters Guild NFT marketplace or unlockable in the game.

Clifton is bullish about the prospects for Meta Masters Guild: “Our goal is to revolutionize the mobile gaming community …. [the MEMAG partnership] is a landmark moment for Gamearound and blockchain gaming, bringing ground-breaking, fun and enjoyable titles to the global P2E community”. 

Revolutionizing Web3 gaming with one guild to rule them all

Because Meta Masters Guild is building a platform specifically for mobile play-to-earn games, it means its production costs are far less than those of console game publishers. 

Players will access the ecosystem using the $MEMAG token and rewards will be paid out in the currency. Users will also be able to stake their tokens to earn yield and trade them.

The project has a hard cap of $4.97 million, which the team says is more than enough to execute its roadmap.

Evidence of the huge potential of the Web3 gaming space was seen in the mushrooming value of the AXS token of the Axie Infinity ecosystem – at one stage its value pumped 1,000x. 

Play-and-earn takes the tedium out of play-to-earn, with an emphasis on engagement and ownership

Play-to-earn gaming has gained considerable traction in East Asia, in countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

But the first wave of P2E gaming had one major problem – boring and uninspired games. 

Too often the first P2E games, such as Axie Infinity, were just about getting users to complete tedious, repetitive tasks to earn tokens. 

Such games lacked any element of skill or jeopardy, and often had inflationary token designs with economics dependent on new players/buyers continually entering the ecosysytem.

The end result was the rise of NFT scholarship programs, so that people of average financial means in developing countries could continue to access the games.

Meta Masters Guild is taking a different approach by staying true to the intent of decentralized networks.  

MEMAG is creating the crypto sector’s most sustainable play-to-earn gaming guild, by attracting game makers who want to build engaging experiences that reward players and allow them to own and trade their in-game assets. 

Meta Masters Guild games will be exciting and engaging – they will be play-and-earn not play-to-earn. 

Analysts predict market-beating returns for MEMAG 

Analysts are predicting the $MEMAG token to be one of this year’s bug winners in crypto.

Filipino YouTuber Jonathan Geroy Velogs has told his 51,000 subscribers all about Meta Masters Guild, highlighting its high chances of success.

Another YouTube analyst, Jacob Crypto Bury, thinks Meta Masters Guild could easily have 4x gains potential. 

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Influencer Cilinix Crypto, reckons investing in the Meta Masters Guild presale is a ‘no brainer’.

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Investors should, of course, do their own research before jumping in.

Meta Kart Racers will take mobile gaming by storm 

Meta Kart will have free-to-play and play-and-earn options. 

Like all the guild’s games, it will be released on mobile to appeal to the hundreds of millions of casual gamers around the world. 

In the P2E version, players can earn Gems from their in-game activity and also win rare NFTs.

To get up and running with Meta Kart Racers, users select their favorite driver and kart and then choose from one of the many racing tracks. 

Players can go solo in the arcade mode or test your skills in PVP (player vs player) competitions.

Either Gems or $MEMAG tokens can be used to buy and upgrade the drivers and karts available in the Meta Masters Guild Store. 

You can also play-and-earn in arcade mode to win rare NFTs. 

Meta Masters Guild NFTs are in-game playable characters once purchased and are rendered in 3D.

In addition to Meta Kart, Meta Masters Guild’s has two games at the concept stage.

Meta Masters World is a build, explore, and conquer mobile game, also created by Gamearound. 

The third game starting development soon is Raid NFT

Connect your crypto wallet to buy $MEMAG

The Meta Masters Guild presale is open to all members of the public globally. 

Connect a crypto wallet – Metamask or Trust Wallet are recommended – at the Meta Masters Guild website and buy $MEMAG with either ETH or USDT.

Visit Meta Masters Guild Now

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.