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Marketing Trends Crypto Projects Should Pay Attention To In 2022

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

As a business active in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, figuring out the next marketing strategy remains crucial. Reaching a global audience requires an ongoing shift of ideas and plans to make the most of the tools at one's disposal. The following crypto marketing trends will shape the landscape in 2022.

Metaverse And NFT Technology Are Your Friends

Every business should pay attention to solidifying brand awareness in the metaverse and NFT industry. The metaverse will be the next frontier to tackle from a crypto marketing perspective. Establishing a presence in the virtual world will become as crucial as it is on the internet or in the real world. 

Moreover, metaverses give crypto projects a new start in targeting audiences through different methods. One example is the advent of GameFi protocols: a combination of gaming and decentralized finance within the same ecosystem. Metaverses provide the visual elements required for gaming while introducing users to decentralized finance concepts such as the popular play-to-earn model. 

Additionally, in-game items are created as NFTs - or non-fungible tokens - to introduce a degree of scarcity to every item, as they are all unique. Every user in the metaverse can acquire these NFTs to personalize their experience and directly engage with your brand. Innovative technologies elevate crypto marketing efforts to a new level.

Influencer Marketing Keeps Growing

There is a certain appeal to influencer marketing that one cannot replicate via other means. Finding the right crypto bloggers or social media "celebrities" to represent your brand can be incredibly successful. The influencer marketing industry was projected to be worth $13.8 billion in 2021, with further growth expected in the years to come.

Сrypto projects exploring the influencer marketing option need to set clear boundaries for what they want to achieve, including:

  • defining the audience before the campaign begins
  • Finding the correct platform for integrating the advertising campaign
  • A catchy yet concise format for submitting the advertising message
  • Avoid wasting marketing budget by regularly checking the performance of campaigns.

At Cointraffic, we prioritize all of these steps to ensure our clients get the most bang for their buck when running a crypto marketing advertising campaign. 

Search Engine Optimization

Discoverability on the internet is a powerful tool, but not all crypto projects succeed in achieving this level. Even though search engine optimization is one of the oldest and most useful ways to enhance digital marketing, it is an ever-changing landscape. Search engines deploy different algorithms to "rank" content and help crypto projects gain visibility. 

Marketers need to stay on their toes to focus on the user experience and openly engage with the community. Prioritizing the user experience will prove essential. An empowering user experience will ensure visitors return to your brand and help it gain more momentum. That makes it essential to any crypto marketing effort.

User Feedback Is A Currency

On the same topic, user feedback - and the worth-of-mouth nature of sharing experiences - is a social currency many crypto projects tend to overlook. Gaining the trust of users is critical in the ever-competitive marketing landscape. Collecting feedback and engaging in an open dialog are top priorities. Every brand needs to create a communication channel between themselves and their clients to maximize the potential of word-of-mouth marketing. 

Optimize Your Website For All Devices

As more internet users explore websites on mobile devices, it is essential to optimize your website accordingly. While a page may look good on a computer, that doesn't guarantee the same user experience on a phone or tablet. Therefore, optimizing a website for all types of devices is mandatory. Google's report, called Core Web Vitals, provides multiple guidelines to check all of the right boxes. 

One crucial aspect of website optimization is page load speed. Visitors will not wait five seconds or more to open a page. Therefore, crypto projects need to captivate the audience quickly, and the faster a page loads, the higher the chance of succeeding in that mission. 

Foundations Are Still Essential

One final aspect to consider is the traditional foundation that makes crypto marketing so successful. Banner advertising and Press Releases are staples in crypto marketing. Cointraffic has years of expertise in press release services and banner advertisement placements to help crypto projects grow their audience. 

The dedicated team at Cointraffic will help clients compose the proper media plan for their needs, monitor the campaigns, and optimize these efforts when the time is right. With Cointraffic, you can combine these powerful traditional marketing tools with new technologies and platforms!