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Looking For The Next Pepe Coin? Then Buy – $8 Million Raised as Sell Out Nears

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 4 min read
Source / AiDOGE

Tuesday May 16th 2023 – Innovative AI coin is pumping, having raised more than $8.1 million as it shoots past the halfway mark in its presale. enters the 12th stage of its presale, in which the price of the $AI token has risen from $0.00003 to $0.00003040. 

In the past 24 hours $500,000 has poured into the meme-generating platform. uses image-generative AI to create memes in response to a text prompt.

Now that the presale has sold more than 50% of its allocated tokens, the run rate of the fundraise will accelerate accordingly, so there is no time to lose to invest. 

It has taken the presale roughly two weeks to achieve the $7.5 million milestone. It is likely that at the current rate the presale will sell out by the end of the month. Impressively, the presale is running two months ahead of the original schedule. ($AI) is the next Pepe coin, but with a valuable use case 

There is currently a meme coin-feeding frenzy as crypto buyers jockey for position to be first to find the next Pepe coin, Wojak, LADYS or $SPONGE.

However, AiDoge is not a run-of-the-mill meme coin devoid of utility; it has a business model that is unrivaled by any other crypto.

Take ArbDoge ($AIDOGE) for instance – not to be confused with AiDoge ($AI). It pumped recently but in practice has little to offer in the way of a serious value proposition. 

In contrast AiDoge stands out from the crowd with a readily understandable and attractive plan for growth.

Although there are 20 stages to the presale, investors can’t afford to sit back and wait before they make a decision on when to buy. Also the longer prospective investors wait, the higher the price will be.

The hard cap target of the presale is $14,900,000, at which point the $AI token price will have risen to $0.0000336.

Crypto investors are rushing into the AI sector in search of top returns. Analysts are predicting that the coins with the most investment returns potential will be those with a strong adoption roadmap like AiDoge. unites the power of memes and AI – the ChatGPT for memes 

AiDoge brings together the hottest trends in crypto today: meme coins and artificial intelligence. 

This new crypto project leverages machine learning and neural networks for its AI image-generating system. 

With investors becoming more savvy about where they put their money, AiDoge taps into the existing huge adoption rate for AI chatbots, such as witnessed for market-leader ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT’s text-based prompt system generates all manner of outputs, from code to memes and is fundamentally challenging and changing how we interact with search tools and software more broadly.

AI technologies threaten to upend whole industries. AiDoge will do this for the language of memes.  

While AI crypto such as SingularityNET and The Graph, are aimed at developing decentralized infrastructure that external protocols can plug into, AiDoge is taking a different tack.

AiDoge is looking to appeal to the already existing mass market of internet natives who interact with memes daily. 

These individuals aspire to make their own memes as they look for ways to become more creative and expressive online. AiDoge is the perfect fit. 

Source / AiDOGE

Here’s the secret sauce that makes AiDoge revolutionary 

Through the application of machine-learning technology and large language models as used by AiDoge and ChatGPT, AiDoge opens up a world of possibilities.

Its systems have been trained on vast datasets of meme images and crypto news. By taking this dual approach to training, it enables the AiDoge system to generate memes that are on trend.  

The more AiDoge is used, the more powerful it becomes because it learns from the new information it is trained on as well as from the prompt inputs received from the platform’s users.

If you are hunting for a breakthrough idea that fully leverages the promise of AI, AiDoge is that project.

$AI is the utility token of the AiDoge network and is used to purchase credits in order to generate memes – it is this utility that gives the token its value. 

There will also be incentives to promote network participation to create viral content, further boosting the value of the $AI token. will transform how we communicate and engage online

AiDoge has a built-in public wall feed of all the memes the community members generate. Users can vote for the memes they like best and the winning creators earn $AI token rewards.

Each month the owners of the highest-scoring memes receive token rewards. The leaderboard is reset monthly giving the community as a whole the chance to win on a monthly basis.

Top-ranking meme creators will be able to gain exclusive access to premium features and granted voting rights as part of AiDoge’s governance.

Another string to the AiDoge bow is staking rewards. Stakers will earn daily credit rewards depending on the amount staked, generating a revenue stream for creators. The more the platform grows, the greater the revenue-earning potential there is for its meme creators. has a business model that could propel it into crypto’s top 100 coins. 

Mind-blowing technology such as AI does not come around that often and it is the projects and companies that can harness it most effectively for consumer and industry use that will be the winners.

AiDoge is one such project – it aims to revolutionize how we communicate online and transform engagement. That’s a value proposition it would be foolish to let slip through the fingers.

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