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Leonardo Render Collaborates with iQIYI

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Leonardo Render Collaborates with iQIYI to Scale In-house Video Rendering Using Blockchain

August 22, 2018 (Beijing) – Blockchain based rendering firm Leonardo Render has released beta testing numbers as well as pricing figures for rendering samples with remarkable results. The fruit of these tests has been burgeoning interest in partnerships from companies in a wide variety of fields.

The Leonardo Render team conducted the beta testing and released results compared to a number of render farms. The results of the crowdsourced platform were substantially better than those of other farms.

According to CEO Marco Iodice, “The results were very encouraging. The beta-test showed that using only 14 GPUs, Leonardo Render is already 3 to 6 times faster than many of its competitors. The render farms selected for inclusion in the test included those that support Blender — the widely used, freely available rendering software.”

Additionally, the price estimates for the samples were less than half of the average rendering costs. Because of the capacity for rendering at faster speeds and lower prices, the LR platform has attracted some substantial attention.

For example, iQIYI (China’s version of Netflix in the US) has engaged into a potentially lucrative collaboration with the LR platform to build a proprietary version of the platform for meeting the numerous applications needed for a company like iQIYI.

Additionally, Leonardo Render was recently chosen as the sole rendering company for the China Building Technique Group, a construction group focusing in building information modeling (BIM). This technology was created to allow builders to see a digital and manipulatable image of a structure before beginning work. To process of creating the BIM model requires substantial rendering work, and is therefore a perfect niche for the LR software system.

This partnership will create new and potentially substantial inroads for the LR team to have access to potential clients needing specialized rendering services for construction applications. The needs for rendering continue to grow, and this type of application is just one of many.

Beyond these opportunities, Leonardo Render also connected recently with VHQ, a media platform currently working closely with large-scale firms like P&G, Samsung, and Coca cola. LR was asked to offer some possible vehicles for helping to create rendering solutions for the company, as well as it’s affiliates.

Finally, LR was able to meet with members of Pearl Studios (DreamWorks’ Asian affiliate). The Pearl Studios team expressed that they were encouraged by the versatility, speed, and pricing of the Leonardo Render platform.

Taken together, the beta results and the emerging market potentials indicate a growing market place for the LR platform. The team has offered realistic business solutions for a wide array of different industries. A reduction in time for complicated rendering processes, as well as a far more economical price point has allowed LR to find new market sources in the fast-growing rendering ecosystem.