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IBM Unveils New Cold Storage Technology for Enhanced Crypto Asset Security

Hongji Feng
Last updated: | 2 min read
IBM Cold Storage
Source: DALL·E

IBM has announced the release of the latest technology designed to enhance the security of cold storage for digital assets, aiming to revolutionize the way cryptos are managed and protected.

The IBM Hyper Protect Offline Signing Orchestrator (OSO) is specifically developed to overcome the challenges associated with traditional methods of cold storage for digital assets. By integrating advanced security features such as disconnected network operations, time-based security, and electronic approval by multiple stakeholders, OSO represents a significant leap in protecting high-value transactions.

In the announcement blog, IBM wrote, “OSO is designed to address limitations of current cold storage offerings for digital assets, including the need for people to perform manual procedures for the execution of a cold storage transaction.”

Further elaborating on the functionality, the blog explained, “Hyper Protect OSO provides a policy engine that brokers communication between two different applications that have been designed not to communicate directly with each other for security purposes.”

IBM Partners with Metaco for Improved Crypto Storage

This new approach has also been reflected in IBM’s practical application for customer needs. “IBM has worked with Metaco, an IBM Business Partner and digital asset custody provider, and tier 1 banks, to help ensure OSO addresses client requirements,” said the blog.

“As a provider of institutional grade custody infrastructure that is trusted by some of the largest global custodians and banks, it is our responsibility to deliver cutting-edge digital asset security to our clients,” said Adrien Treccani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Metaco.

“IBM’s confidential computing division has been a reliable partner throughout the years, and we are pleased to complement Metaco’s catalog of institutional cold storage solutions with the unique air-gapped cold storage that OSO enables, especially as cold storage requirements are increasingly being stipulated by regulators in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan,” said Treccani.

Market Growth and Regulatory Pressures Drive Need for Improved Solutions

As the financial ecosystem continues to mature, the tokenization of global illiquid assets is emerging as a significant business opportunity. This progression accentuates the need for more sophisticated cold storage solutions. Traditional methods, challenged by limitations such as scalability, insider threats, and operational errors, are becoming increasingly inadequate.

With digital assets becoming mainstream, country-specific security regulations are intensifying, especially in markets like Hong Kong and Japan. These various regulations mandate digital asset custody providers to store a portion of customer assets in cold storage, heightening the demand for secure and compliant cold storage solutions in the financial industry.