How to Buy Zap Clash Token Presale 2024 – Beginners Guide

Zap Clash ($ZC) is a game that combines meme characters with card gameplay, blending to create an enticing gaming experience. The project offers generous community rewards and provides a 369% annual percentage yield (APY) on staking on the first stage, and reducing throughout 9 stages, yet still guaranteeing at least 130% at the last stage.

The $ZC token is currently available at a presale price of $0.163 for a limited time. This guide explains how to buy Zap Clash in the presale and whether it is worth investing in.

Zap Clash Presale Key Points

Here are a few key points on the Zap Clash ($ZC) presale:

  • The Zap Clash presale launched on 1 March 2024, priced at $0.148 per token.
  • Zap Clash offers users many ways to earn rewards, ranging from staking to active betting on battles, and ranked at the top of the rankings.
  • The presale has raised over $100K in a few days.
  • Users can begin staking and earning a 280% APY immediately after buying the presale at this time.

How to Buy Zap Clash ($ZC) Presale – A Five-Step Beginner’s Guide

This tutorial guide will show interested investors how to buy Zap Clash. Follow these 5 steps to join the $ZC presale within minutes: 

Step 1: Create a Software Wallet

Get started by downloading a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with the Zap Clash presale. Your available options include MetaMask or Trust Wallet. 

You can either download the wallet app through iOS and Android or add the cryptocurrency wallet extension to your laptop/desktop device.

Step 2: Buy ETH, USDT, or BNB to Fund Your Investment

The Zap Clash presale accepts ETH, USDT, and BNB. Remember that it only accepts BNB via the BSC network and ETH and USDT on the Ethereum network.

You can buy these cryptos directly from your MetaMask account using a bank card or visit a centralized exchange, purchase it, and then deposit it to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Step 3: Connect to the Zap Clash Presale

Visit the Zap Clash presale website and click the Connect Wallet button. Then, follow the instructions prompted by MetaMask to finish connecting.

It is important to ensure that you only visit the Zap Clash website directly using the web page’s URL or from a reputable link like the ones provided in this guide. This helps protect against any malicious phishing exploit attempts.

Step 4: Buy $ZC Tokens

Choose the amount of $ZC you want to buy, denominated in either $ZC, ETH, USDT, or BNB. Then, complete the purchase and authorize the transaction from your MetaMask wallet when prompted.

Note that once you have purchased the Zap Clash presale, you can also immediately begin staking to earn rewards.

Investors can stay updated on the project’s latest developments by visiting the Zap Clash X (Twitter).

Step 5: Claim Your Tokens

At the end of the presale, you can claim your tokens and add them to your wallets. Alternatively, you can leave your staked tokens in the project’s staking pool to continue compounding your investment.

What is Zap Clash?

Zap Clash is a revolutionary meme gaming platform with dynamic and tactical gameplay. Thanks to the distinctive betting mechanism, Zap Clash offers players chances to earn high rewards while enjoying our unique card game. Zap Clash could potentially be a leader in the gamefi trend, and $ZC meme token is worth investing in due to its versatile usage beyond just the game.

Zap Clash is a community-fueled game that empowers our players. With 40% of $ZC presale tokens allocated exclusively for the community and no private sale, and an additional 35% reserved for rewarding our community for in-game activities, Zap Clash truly prioritizes community involvement. “Besides simply selling in-game currency fungible tokens, the key to P2E are the NFTs. They connect the game and its community with decentralized financial services such as “staking” and lending/borrowing” ((Proelss et al., 2023).

Join us in redefining the gaming experience, where the community’s influence is paramount. The high rewards and returns on investment are in your hands.

Zap Clash Tokenomics & Presale

From a total supply of 180 million – Zap Clash has allocated 72 million tokens for the ongoing presale. At the time of writing, $ZC is priced at only $0.163 per token.

Crypto tokens can gain or lose value depending on the supply. For instance, many popular meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have an unlimited supply. 

PRESALE: 40% of the overall supply will be opened for presale at preferential prices for the community, helping to build community and create future trading liquidity.

DEX: 10% of the overall supply is allocated to the decentralized exchange (DEX), helping to stabilize prices and reduce market manipulation.

COMMUNITY REWARDS: 15% of the overall supply rewards community development, encourages content creation, introduces new players and rewards players who stick with the project for a long time, helping the project maintain a dedicated and vibrant community.

STAKING REWARDS: 35% of the overall supply will be allocated as rewards for in-game/staking players. This allocation helps provide rewards to players in the game and incentivizes players to hold onto their tokens, thereby increasing stability and reducing market volatility.

In only a few days since the presale started, Zap Clash has raised around $100,000. By the end of the presale, the goal is to raise $10 million. Stay updated with the presale by joining the Zap Clash Telegram channel

Zap Clash’s Future: The Roadmap

Phase 1:Kickstart the Zap Clash project through a token presaleLaunch staking mechanism for presale token buyersBuild community

Phase 2:

Launch NFT collection with card characters and bases

Open Marketplace

Launch NFT reward mechanism for long-term $ZC holders

List tokens on DEX

Phase 3:

Launch Official Game

Start season 1 with the leaderboard system

Start P2P match system and betting mechanism according to ZAP

Introduce a token reward system to incentivize community participation and foster sustainable relationships

Phase 4:

Develop the game on various platforms (iOS, Android) to attract more users

Upgrade game system

Add more cards and bases

Phase 5:

Organize the 1st global-scale Gamefi tournament to promote and introduce ZapClash internationally

Launch streaming system

Phase 6:

Launch a platform blockchain-based card gamefi on the Ethereum network

Develop the ZapClash ecosystem

Why Buy Zap Clash During the Presale?

Here are a few reasons why investors may wish to purchase Zap Clash ($ZC) through the ongoing presale:

  • Enter at Early Stages: Through the ongoing presale, investors can purchase $ZC before the price increases. Per each presale round, the price will go up. For instance, $ZC will rise from the current price of $0.171 by the next stage. This may be beneficial for long-term investors.
  • High Staking Rewards: By entering the presale early, investors can generate higher staking rewards. While the live APYs of staking $ZC is 280%, the yields will decrease as more tokens are staked. 
  • Opportunity x10: No tokens are allocated for private or seed funds. All tokens in the market are distributed to the community, offering a x10 investment opportunity for early investors

Zap Clash Price Prediction – What is $ZCs Potential?

According to the CEO of Cronos Labs, there are concerns surrounding the gamefi market, particularly regarding the critical attributes required for success, which are widely recognized but challenging to implement, including “compelling entertainment value, significant reward expectations for players, great community engagement, and sustainable economics”. However, Zap Clash has the potential to emerge as a frontrunner in the gamefi industry due to its transparent tokenomics, high rewards since early stages, community-driven approach, and unique tactical gameplay, distinguishing it from other games in the market.

A study by Proelss (2023) claimed that “replacing in-game currencies with crypto-assets, and creating NFTs from in-game assets, has literally been a game changer”. This is what Zap Clash is offering now with our $ZC tokens as well as NFT boxes in the games. 

However, Business Research Insights found that Play-to-Earn gaming will increase almost 5x between 2021 and 2028. In other words, if you choose the right game, this could be a fortune. 

These forecasts illustrate the tremendous growth potential of a project at the cross-section of both industries.

With the crypto bull market forecasted to begin in 2024, the S2E gaming narrative has heating up again. In the last cycle, Axie Infinity soared to become one of the best-performing cryptos. However, AXIE’s lack of utility and technical faults led to its demise.

In the coming cycle, investors will be seeking the next P2E game to explode, with Zap Clash possibly proving a strong candidate, given its innovative use case.

With this in mind, according to our Zap Clash price prediction, we could see a significant pump moving into 2024, potentially gaining 10x growth by 2024.



This guide explains how to buy the Zap Clash presale in five steps. The project shows significant potential, and users can buy the token for just $0.163. Furthermore, our guide found that the presale is a buy due to its 280% staking APY and numerous other ways to earn free crypto.

However, with such a strong use case, the presale may be a quick sell-out. This means investors must act quickly to secure their tokens.


What is Zap Clash?

Zap Clash is a new stake-to-earn cryptocurrency, enabling users to bet on in-game battles through various betting mechanisms. The project is also popular for its generous 280% APY staking rewards.

How much is the Zap Clash presale?

The Zap Clash presale will take place at $0.163. 40% of the project’s token supply is available in the presale, with a $10 million hard cap.

How to buy the Zap Clash presale?

Create a software wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet, buy either ETH, USDT, or BNB, connect the wallet to the Zap Clash website, and then make your purchase. You can claim your tokens from the website when the presale ends.