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How to Monetize Your Artwork in 2022

Last updated: | 4 min read

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

Long before NFTs and the blockchain dominated the conversation online, or even before the invention of the internet, artists of various kinds have sought to make at least the tiniest amount of money off their personal creations. For most, this has proven to be a near fruitless endeavor.  This is due in part to the fact that the demand for art can be arbitrary. But the sheer number of art related products available for purchase is a contributor as well. All this being said, the massive presence of blockchain and NFT items involving art cannot be denied. Non Fungible Films only add to this fresh equation.

It has become incredibly apparent to even the most casual of internet users, the right NFT is immensely valuable. However, value does not extend to every NFT. This is where NFF comes to play. To be clear, they believe in and support the idea that NFTs should hold value. But, NFF also believes NFTs have much more potential being a store of value. For them, the functionality of the technology paired with strong elements of a like-minded yet diverse community, is the most convincing argument for stepping into the world of NFTs. In fact, they appreciate these ideals so much, their own NFT is modeled after them.                                   

Some of the most valuable NFTs are simply pieces of collectible art and nothing more. Seeing as more than a few artists have managed to utilize the power of NFTs to their financial advantage, it stands to reason that anyone is capable of following in similar footsteps. On top of this, the longer someone waits to get involved, the further behind the learning curve of blockchain knowledge they will fall. Nobody said turning your digital art into a paycheck was an easy or simple process. In fact, there are more than a few hurdles unique to doing so. In order to better understand this process, let’s take a look at how to monetize your artwork in 2022.

Step One: Start with creation

Anyone can walk into an old department store and buy a pair of traditional tennis shoes off the rack. While those shoes are functional, they will not hold any wealth or demonstrate any special abilities. Along similar lines, anyone can create an account on their NFT marketplace of choice and purchase one. Similar to the tennis shoes, even though that piece of digital art is registered and minted as an NFT does not mean it holds any value. The same is not true of the NFT related items by Non Fungible Films. By extension, if you’re an artist seeking to make a sizable amount of money on the sale of one of your pieces, said piece needs to stand out from the competition. Consumers want something special and it’s up to the artist to deliver that.

Step Two: Get ready

Being prepared for all that comes with attempting to sell your first NFT is not something to take lightly as one small oversight could leave you confused as to which step comes next. First of all, take the time to research your options when it comes to which wallet and NFT marketplace suits your needs. One of the biggest factors to consider is the cost associated with minting your artwork as an NFT just as Non Fungible Films is planning on doing.

There’s too much to explain here surrounding that but don’t overlook it in the slightest. Second, look into the fees that come with selling your NFT on these sites as they vary from place to place. Finally, be sure you have the requisite cryptocurrency in place to pay whatever costs are associated with listing your products. Because NFTs are built on and revolve around cryptocurrency, it makes sense they use the same store of value to complete a purchase. There’s more than what meets the eye here. But, if your art measures up, you should have nothing to fear.

Step three: Good luck and godspeed

Once you have all your proverbial ducks in a row, you can push that hypothetical button finalizing the listing of your NFT for sale online. Like with most online sales, you’ll have the choice to run the sale as an auction or as a purchase for a set price. There’s pros and cons to both so this is really personal preference. From there, it’s a bit of a waiting game to see whether or not the art you’ve created will garner enough interest to warrant someone forking over enough crypto to make this entire process worth your while. There’s numerous elements which could contribute to the attention your creation warrants. From style, to price point, or even simply the market it’s listed on, an NFT can take off or flop for a variety of reasons. Non Fungible Films is evidence of the former.

Any artist who is new to trying to put together a little extra crypto from the sale of their art is going to need at least a pinch of luck to make that first sale happen. Once it does, they as an artist have begun to build a reputation, even if it it miniscule. Just as Non Fungible Films has done with their blockchain project. When art is part of the picture, even the smallest level of recognition can go a long way in such an intricate industry.