Grayscale Drops Update on GBTC Spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Approval – Get Ready for Ethereum (ETH) and Everlodge (ELDG) Price Surge

Grayscale, a prominent name in the crypto investment sphere, recently made waves with its update on the approval status of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s (GBTC) Spot Bitcoin ETF. This long-awaited development has sparked anticipation and excitement. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) and Everlodge (ELDG) are seeing price surges. Let’s discover why.

The Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Update and Market Anticipation

Grayscale’s recent update on the potential approval of a GBTC conversion to a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF has caused optimism within the crypto community. Its confidence in the impending approval by the SEC adds weight to the growing belief that regulatory acceptance of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States is now a question of ‘when,’ not ‘if.’

After this Bitcoin news, its value increased from $38,780 on December 1st to $38,389 on December 2nd. This is an impressive 11.62% increase over the last 30 days. There are also 29 technical indicators flashing green.

The collective optimism surrounding the Bitcoin price surge is sky-high, with experts making bullish price predictions. They project a climb to $41,474.39 by the conclusion of 2023. This bullish forecast and Grayscale’s confident assertions amplify the anticipation for its ETF.

Ethereum (ETH) Indicates Bullish Momentum As Whales Accumulate

Ethereum (ETH) recently showed notable signs of bullish activity, signaling potential upward movement within the crypto market. Analyst Ali Martinez reveals a striking trend: Ethereum whales have accumulated tokens in nine consecutive days for the first time in nine months. This ETH accumulation by whales often indicates upcoming bullish Ethereum price action.

In recent market movements, Ethereum’s price has displayed promising growth, surging from $2,077 on November 25th to $2,128 on December 2nd. Ethereum recorded 17 out of 30 days in the green throughout the past month, reflecting a positive market sentiment. Ethereum’s stability amidst market fluctuations sits well for potential sustained growth.

Looking ahead, expert Ethereum price predictions forecast its price to soar to $2,273 by the conclusion of December 2023. This optimistic projection aligns with the ongoing accumulation trend among Ethereum whales and the potential ETF approval that may bring more eyes to the crypto market.

Everlodge (ELDG) To Introduce Something New – AI

While there are positive Bitcoin and Ethereum news, one project that has also made headlines is Everlodge (ELDG) – a one-of-a-kind property marketplace on the blockchain. While the marketplace where luxurious properties are converted into NFTs and then fractionalized is its focus, it has introduced something new that will surely be a game-changer.

It has integrated cutting-edge AI technology into its ecosystem. This landmark innovation marks an advancement for Everlodge, equipping you with sophisticated AI tools capable of tracking and predicting global property market trends. Imagine two years ago, the AI tool accurately identified Dubai as an emerging market and steered you toward promising properties.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, the ELDG native token is now in Stage 7 of its presale and costs just $0.025 – a 150% rise from its starting price.

Moreover, it has a low market cap of $13M. This is a great advantage since it will require fewer new funds to see a massive price surge. Because of this and its ties to the trillion-dollar real estate market, experts forecast a 30x growth after a Tier-1 CEX listing. Ultimately, Everlodge may prove more profitable than Bitcoin and Ethereum, thanks to its long-term growth potential.

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