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GensoKishi Metaverse Price Prediction – MV Token Pumping Time to Buy?

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GensoKishi Metaverse (MV) token has pumped over a remarkable 27% in the last week and is now trading at $0.25.

A recent bullish tweet from the @Bybit_Official exchange seems to have been the catalyst by announcing that GensoKish’s in-game stablecoin, ROND, has been listed as a trading pair (ROND/USDT). 

This bullish news is also reflected when looking at the MV/USDT trading volume on the Bybit centralized exchange. On Bybit, Trading volume is now up to 54.24% which means Bybit is gathering the most liquidity and has market dominance for MV token following the recent tweet in comparison to other CEXs. 

GensoKishi Metaverse Token Price Prediction

From a technical analysis perspective, over the recent weeks MV token has printed bullish price action. 

However, when zooming out on the price charts GensoKishi Metaverse token is still down by 84% from prices back in April 2021 when MV token traded at $1.60. 

GensoKishi Metaverse token has a very long road to pave in order to achieve a full recovery in price. 

Sometimes exchange listings can simply see performance similar to a ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ event, meaning a transient surge in price before a potential correction or inception of a new downtrend.

MV/USDT – 1 Hour Time Frame.

The above chart displays the recent euphoric pump for GensoKishi metaverse token. Currently, the price action is at risk of printing a bearish reversal pattern known as a double top on the charts.

Should the formation be complete and the neckline (support level) of $0.245 be broken, we could see negative price continuation down to the $0.231 support level.

On the other hand, we could see this particular move invalidated if the bulls can gain enough momentum and potentially retest the $0.27 price level. 

Coinmarketcap states that GensoKishi Metaverse (MV) token has a market capital of $429 million and is rank #212 versus other cryptocurrencies at present time. 

There is not a great amount of supporting historical data for MV token, but with enough bullish momentum it seems that a market capital of $700 million could be recovered by later this year. 

GensoKishi Metaverse (MV) Token Video Analysis

Tamadoge has landed on the OKX CEX/DEX and rallied up to $0.038 following a very successful presale which raised $19 million in just 6 weeks. 

A few hours after the pump, Tamadoge retraced down towards $0.016, TAMA is now consolidating at a healthy looking $0.022 and could be preparing for a pump up towards $0.03. 

Tamadoge is a meme coin which integrates NFTs and augmented reality (metaverse) creating a fun and unique play-to-earn coin. 

A majority of early presale investors would still have an average unit price of below $0.02/TAMA, meaning they could still be in a profit of 10% or more – investors who entered during the BETA phase of the presale would be up even more. 

The next major move for Tamadoge is another centralized exchange listing on the LBank platform. This could create another rally bringing the price of Tamadoge back above $0.03. 


It is worth noting that users are eligible to claim $10 of free TAMA tokens by simply signing up to the OKX centralized exchange and then trading any value of TAMA tokens on the OKX CEX

I speculate that Tamadoge has more potential than GensoKishi Metaverse token as the market capital is only $22.5 million meaning the upside could be much higher. 

Incredibly, a $22.5 million market capital ranks Tamadoge as the #8th best meme coin in terms of valuation. 

Make sure to secure your TAMA tokens before the LBank listing on the OKX exchange should you wish to potentially hold until further price targets are met.