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Gas Wizard Launches an Innovative Blockchain Approach to Combat Rising Gas Prices

Kliment Dukovski
Last updated: | 2 min read
Gas Wizard crypto project

In an environment of rising inflation and surging gas prices, one crypto project is building a solution to lower your bills.

The solution offered by Gas Wizard is a blockchain-based loyalty program where users earn rewards and get discounts on their purchases at affiliated oil and gas distributors – as well as EV charging stations.

Gas Station Rewards Reinvented

The use of blockchain to build a global loyalty program comes with several benefits for everyone using the program, including:

  • Cost reduction for transactions and account management.
  • Transparency where each transaction is visible on the blockchain.
  • Speed through real-time transaction processing.
  • Security by immutable blockchain transactions that cannot be modified or reversed.

All of the interactions between users and partnered gas and EV charging stations will be made through a mobile app. The app is designed to serve as a hub where users can track real-time gas prices, make transactions, and more.

GWIZ Token Explained

Gas Wizard App coming soon

Gas Wizard’s native token is GWIZ. This is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to be the native cryptocurrency within the Gas Wizard ecosystem.

The value of GWIZ is that users can spend it at partner stations instead of paying with fiat currency. With multiple ways to earn the token, this will be the main weapon to combat surging gas prices.

Gas Wizard has recently launched its token presale where interested investors can buy it, starting from $0.01 apiece. This should give early investors a chance to acquire GWIZ tokens at a lower price before eventually listing on exchanges.

Once the project is complete, users will be able to earn the token in several ways, including:

  • The play-to-earn game offered by Gas Wizard will let users challenge each other with GWIZ at stake.
  • Staking GWIZ will be one way of earning passive income, with 15% of the total token supply allocated for staking rewards.
  • GasWizard Challenge will let users update gas prices at various stations to help other users find the cheapest gas nearby.

Learn more by following Gas Wizard on X.

Gas Wizard Future Plans

The team behind Gas Wizard has laid out the plan for 2024 and 2025 in four major phases:

  1. The presale starts with a marketing campaign and building the token smart contract.
  2. Building the mobile app simultaneously with the public presale that is planned to last until Q4 2024. DEX listing and new partnerships will be made during this phase.
  3. CEX listing and mobile app launch in early 2025, and a 1-year free fuel giveaway will follow.
  4. Expanding partnerships and creating a GWIZ NFT collection.

By embracing blockchain technology, Gas Wizard paves the way for a more efficient and user-centric loyalty program model to fight surging gas prices.

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