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Former DCG Advisor Larry Summers Named Among Academics Linked to Epstein List

Ruholamin Haqshanas
Last updated: | 2 min read
Former DCG Advisor Larry Summers Named Among Academics Linked to Epstein List
Image Source: Harvard Magazine

Larry Summers, a former Digital Currency Group (DCG) advisor, has been named as one of several academics in connection with the infamous American financier Jeffrey Epstein. 

The link has come to light as part of a recent disclosure of court documents, infamously known as ‘The Epstein List’, which outlines the names of numerous notable individuals allegedly linked to the deceased sex offender.

Summers, a renowned figure in academic and financial circles, was mentioned alongside other prominent Harvard scholars like David Gergen, Stephen Kosslyn, and Henry Rosovsky. 

The mention was part of a reply declaration from attorney Alan M. Dershowitz, a former lawyer for Epstein who himself faces accusations of involvement in Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking activities.

Dershowitz’s declaration paints a picture of Epstein’s deep involvement in the academic sector, particularly at Harvard University. 

He notes that Epstein was a significant benefactor of academic research at Harvard, maintaining an office there and establishing close ties with many academics. 

This list of academics includes, among others, Larry Summers, Marvin Minsky, Stephen Jay Gould, and Howard Gardner.

Larry Summers Not Accused of Any Wrongdoing

It is worth noting that the documents do not explicitly allege that Summers was aware of or engaged in any illegal activities.

However, it notes that Dershowitz’s statement suggests a broader network of academics who might have been indirectly connected to Epstein’s questionable activities. 

He mentions that many academics, including Summers, might have engaged in behaviors similar to those leading to the allegations against Dershowitz.

Summers’ association with Epstein is not a new revelation. 

During Summers’ presidency at Harvard, he reportedly cultivated a close relationship with Epstein, who had pledged a significant donation to the university. 

Records indicate that Summers flew on Epstein’s private plane several times, including a trip in 1998 when Summers was serving as the US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.

The ‘Epstein List’, while not shedding new light on Epstein’s crimes, does compile the names of various influential figures, ranging from politicians and celebrities to academics, who had some form of association with Epstein. 

This list includes high-profile names such as former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family, the late pop star Michael Jackson, and the celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking.

Summers Ended Ties with DCG in 2022

Summers severed his ties with DCG in late 2022, amidst criticism over his comments about Sam Bankman-Fried’s failed crypto exchange FTX

He had joined DCG in 2016, a year after its establishment. 

His departure was initially attributed to a reduction in his professional commitments, but the exact reasons and the scope of his resignations from other positions were not detailed.

Summers’ role at DCG and his comments likening FTX to Enron in a Bloomberg TV interview brought him under scrutiny. 

The Revolving Door Project, a prominent watchdog group in Washington, criticized the lack of disclosure regarding Summers’ connections to crypto companies, including DCG, during the interview.