31 Aug 2021 · 2 min read

First Stop: Ukraine! AppleB Starts a Meetup Week

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.


Just in a matter of months after its launch, the cryptocurrency community AppleB started development of an income-generating ad app and launched two fundraisers, one for an Olympic athlete and another to help Afghan refugees. Now, AppleB Community members gathered offline for their first meetup.

”On August 29, AppleB Community started the Meetup Week. The first stop was Ukraine."

The place is not accidental. A core member of the AppleB Community Khrystyna has been to Ukraine and witnessed how the country has been in the middle of a battle of wills between its neighbors. Because of the complicated political situation, people there live a hard uncertain life and are concerned. During this comeback to Ukraine, Khrystyna hoped to discuss health and wealth issues of the locals and AppleB’s plans.

After the first meetup was announced, AppleB Community received a lot of emails expressing support and readiness to join local events from members across the world. AppleB Community will choose the next meetup location based on the size of the local community and other local factors.

The first meetup was held in an indoor venue in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. It had special decorations, creative and encouraging the interaction atmosphere. Community members arrived in advance. Because of the cozy setting, everyone got to know each other quickly. From #Tokyo2020 to helping Afghan refugees, from crypto to global charity, from personal health to wealth of all people... the present AppleBians shared their knowledge and opinions about the latest community trends.

As the core community member, Khrystyna introduced the values, concept, and plans of AppleB to the community. Those include uniting the common people, assistance to all the people in need through raising funds and holding sponsorship events, and promotion of the Health, Wealth, and Love concept within the society to let more people from all over the world join the AppleB Community and do their bit for the great cause of saving the world and helping the poor.

Of course, the event would have been impossible without lots of apples, the symbol of AppleB. AppleB symbolically gave each meetup participant an apple. The apples were handpicked from the orchard of one community member and shipped by air, thus, very special.

Shipping of the apples to Ukraine also had a purpose of communicating the health concept to more people. In this respect, the meetup included a special session where community members gave apples to passers-by, introduced AppleB to them, informed them to pay attention to financial and physical health, inspired them with a positive outlook, and spread love.

This was not a grand meetup; still, it was very significant. It was the first-ever offline event of the AppleB community. Its message was to spread love and health. It was a sensory event with an atmosphere and a real meet-and-greet, quite a nice change from the “touchless” internet communication. We hope that AppleB community meetups will grow in scale and spread health and love further.

It won’t be long before the second stop of AppleB meetups. Stay tuned!

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