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First Play: First Web3 Game User Acquisition and Discovery Platform

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The blockchain environment we exist in – especially in the Web3 gaming space – has no effective solution to the industry dilemma that most projects are facing. Widespread adoption of Web3 may eventually become a reality, but First Play foresees the main barrier standing in the way, that is, the lack of essential tools to help games to acquire users. First Play is building result-focused gaming platform providing seamless on-boarding, engagement and distribution for Web3 games. It exists at the intersection of community, social, and Web3 gaming projects, giving our partners an overview of their potential users and actionable solutions. 

The founding team behind First Play is composed of seasoned experts who has built and executed on many of the products that powered the growth of traditional gaming industry. First Play believes this wave of innovation represents one of the greatest opportunities in the history of gaming. Blockchain offers game developers and players shared ownership and as a result true alignment for the first time. Despite this incredible opportunity in front of the industry much of the infrastructure needed for Web3 gaming projects to successfully and effectively acquire more players has yet to be built. 

First Play is creating key infrastructure and tools that will give Web3 gaming projects a clearer view of the customers they care about and a tangible way to attract and retain users. Over the next decade, we believe gaming will be the largest onramp for new people entering the Web3 space. Currently there are 3.2B+ gamers worldwide, a demographic almost 10x greater than the number of current global cryptocurrency investors. In order for Web3 gaming projects to be successful, someone must build the proper infrastructure to serve the purpose of acquiring authentic users and that’s where we come in.

Despite the promise of Web3 games, it has yet to break out of the Web3 space and into the mainstream due to the lack of proper education. Web3 gaming space is quickly becoming saturated with projects competing for attention and users, and yet with very few infra helping them to grow. While user experience and platform appeal are essential to onboarding users, they may not be enough without the proper education. That is why First Play has been investing in tangible educational efforts by designing detailed rookie onboarding guidances with a focus on its mission to advance Web3 games’ reach to a broader audiences, namely the untapped Web2 users.

To make all of this a reality, we are proud to announce our funding and support from several leading investors including Shima Capital, YGG SEA and others. Over the coming months, you can expect more updates from us as we do our part in accelerating the addition of more features such as game onboarding tutorials and a more user-friendly UX. Sooner or later, we will start seeing Web3 games serving as the gateway to onboard millions of Web2 users into the Web3 space. Until then, First Play will continue to lead the charge in its mission of advancing Web3 gaming adoption by helping projects to grow. 

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