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Fairspin’s TFS Token Allows Casino Players to Earn Rakeback on Winning and Losing Bets and Earn 23% on Daily Staking

Ali Raza
Last updated: | 4 min read

The iGaming industry is witnessing increased growth, with numerous gamblers migrating to online services for better convenience and enhanced benefits. 

Online gambling setups always were slated to revolutionize the gambling industry, with technological advancements overshadowing brick-and-mortar casinos. 

The development of blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases and their eventual infusion into the growing iGaming scene only sped up the process.

Many iGaming platforms now integrate decentralized technologies at their core, spreading the perks to their players. 

One of them is the use of native crypto tokens and assets on such platforms, allowing players to gamble in casinos privately and economically. 

Gambling with fiat money in online casinos offers none of the same benefits. 

Overview of iGaming Tokens

For apparent reasons, several iGaming tokens are witnessing increased usage on the platforms where they operate. 

The more popular ones include the likes of FUNToken (FUN), CasinoCoin (CSC), BetU (BETU), (BSGG), BetSwirl (BETS), and CoinPoker (CHP). 

They are at the forefront of revolutionizing how players earn using online gambling platforms.

The novel profiting capabilities iGaming tokens provide are generating mass interest in blockchain-related gambling. 

For one, they offer better rewarding mechanisms to players, including larger margins and rakeback on bets. 

Alternatively, even the mere possession of such tokens enables users to gather significant gains. Since many crypto casinos are booming, their native assets are spiking in value.

Combine that with the transparency iGaming digital assets offer to casino-related transactions, and the reason behind their popularity is evident. 

The advancements brought by these tokens are nothing short of impressive. But another iGaming crypto is pushing the boundaries even further.

Introduction to TFS Token

TFS Token is native to the Fairspin casino and creates revolutionary reward-generating capabilities.

Obviously, it is underpinned by blockchain tenets like its iGaming counterparts and any cryptocurrency in general, making the rewarding mechanisms at Fairspin transparent. 

The token helps overcome shady practices employed by fraudulent casinos to cheat players out of their gains. 

Transparency aside, TFS also enables users to tap into DeFi-related yields, bringing unique earning possibilities that other tokens are not.

Fairspin gamblers earn TFS as rewards within the Play to Earn program. All they have to do is place bets in any game hosted at the casino. 

And such rakeback is received for both winning and losing bets, Moreover, players can instantly move it from the platform to their wallets.

TFS Token is not only offered as a reward to gamblers but can also be used to earn more. That is how the other Fairspin loyalty programs operate. 

On that line, the Hold to Earn program allows users to put their TFS to work and generate huge returns. They can stake their TFS for three different periods – eight hours, one day, or three days. 

The casino holders’ average APR is a whopping 535%, whereas daily APR offerings can reach 23%, besting the returns offered by other iGaming tokens by a mile.

There is also a Liquidity Staking program that allows users to hold TFS for an indefinite period and withdraw their rewards anytime. 

In this case, TFS is staked alongside USDT in the TFS/USDT pool, boosting the liquidity within the pool. Stakers can hold their funds as long as they wish. 

The longer, the better, as yields increase with the staking period. The returns maximize at the 30-day mark, allowing users to capitalize the most from the casino GGR.

The ingenious reward-generating mechanism of TFS Token is one of the main reasons Fairspin is rising to the top of the iGaming space. 

However, the TFS dominance within the online casino landscape does not stop there. It boasts several other characteristics that make it even more attractive to crypto users.

For instance, the reliability of TFS is guaranteed by the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain networks, owing to it being an ERC-20/BEP-20 token. Thus, it can store, transact, and trade value safely. 

TFS breaks out of being just another iGaming asset. And Fairspin, establishing itself as a leading crypto casino, gives impetus to its token’s price, making TFS a safe crypto for various purposes.


TFS Token is a prime choice to acquire, whether one is a gambling enthusiast or not – its powerful utility and tokenomics, the innovative reward-bearing mechanisms surrounding it, and the massive casino it calls home make it one of the most promising crypto assets presently. 

Obtaining TFS allows one to leverage high-return loyalty programs and profit outside playing at Fairspin – the token’s massive potential for growth should place it on every crypto user’s radar.

Want to secure TFS Tokens for their array of merits? Acquiring them is just a swap away on DEXs.

Otherwise, try gambling at Fairspin to get TFS rakeback. Get the crypto and tap into unparalleled earnings.