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Exeedme Launches the First Esports Integrity Commission Approved Play2Earn Platform

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The company has the stated goal of creating a decentralized economy that allows gamers to earn digital currencies on the blockchain as they play.

Exeedme was founded by Nuno Fernandes and Francisco Varela with the intention of creating a platform that would enable gamers to monetize their playing time, regardless of skill level. The company’s strategy is geared towards shifting focus from the industry’s current standard business model, Free2Play (which consists of purportedly offering games for free and then generating revenue through in-game purchases), to a Play2Earn philosophy, powered by blockchain technology.

The Play2Earn model seeks to provide gamers with a means to generate revenue through their gaming, instead of merely participating as paying customers. Exeedme’s goal is to allow gamers to create an open market, reliant on decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens. There will be no traditional intermediaries, and gamers will be able to challenge each other and bet on themselves outside the scope of an overarching authority.

Applications were opened for the first 100 users of the platform on Wednesday the 17th March at the end of the world’s first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Blockchain Tournament. The tournament gathered eight elite blockchain projects that played against each other. Companies featured included Aleph.im, ChainGuardians, ChainLink, Ocean, Ferrum Network, Ultra and Umbrella. Utrust, the leading digital currency payments provider and Exeedme partner, would come out victorious.

The first private beta for Exeedme’s platform went live on 20th March, and the first 100 users were rewarded with 500 EXEs (in-platform currency) to use at their leisure. Each user will also have the opportunity to invite up to nine others to join the beta, play, and earn cryptocurrency themselves. EXEs can be traded at any time for other liquid cryptocurrencies, and freely withdrawn from the platform.

Exeedme also announced that their platform is the first Blockchain Play2Earn platform in history to integrate the Esports Integrity Commission’s integrity codes and standards.

Nuno Fernandes, CEO of Exeedme, had some words for the occasion: “Transparency and fairness are the cornerstones of our company. We started the whole enterprise to provide gamers with a pathway to profitability in an industry that too often sees them as mere customers. We are committed to strengthening the integrity of the eSports world, and we want to promote fair play across all events and platform challenges. It stands to reason that we will always hold ourselves to the highest standards.”

Nuno Fernandes, Exeedme CEO and co-founder, is available for further comments or interviews

About Exeedme
Exeedme is dedicated to to building a fair and trusted Play2Earn blockchain-powered gaming platform where all gamers can make a living doing what they love the most: Playing videogames.

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