Exclusive: Raleon Raises $3.8M in Seed Funding to Transform Web3 Marketing with Innovative Engagement Tool, Embedded Quests

Hassan Shittu
Last updated: | 3 min read
Source: Raleon / Twitter

Raleon, a Web3 engagement platform, has secured a substantial $3.8 million funding round to help brands, games, and dApps convert and retain users with its latest product, Embedded Quests, as exclusively disclosed by cryptonews.

Led by Blockchange, Play Ventures, Alliance DAO, and Portal Ventures, Raleon will be able to expand its team and provide projects and brands to be able to personalize the experience for users with Web2 and Web3 data and understand the actual marketing ROI of those efforts.

“We’re excited with this funding to be partnering with great investors in the space to continue to build out the Raleon platform as we help projects and brands grow,” said Nathan Snell, CEO and Co-Founder of Raleon.

Founded by Nathan Snell and Adam Larson in 2022, Raleon’s SaaS platform leverages growth analytics, Web3 Marketing Automation, Embedded Quests, and off-chain and on-chain data to optimize the retention and conversion of users for any Web3 project.

“The goal of every company, whether in Web3 or not, is to grow. Yet, in Web3, so many projects and brands have been unable to use their website or dApp as an effective growth channel. Everyone then defaults to Discord as the core growth tool, which has many challenges,” said Nathan to CryptoNews.

Consequently, incentivizing and rewarding user behavior has become a significant objective for web companies, aligning with the core principles of Web3.

“As a result, projects often spend money on ads, events, or external Quests with little put into actually converting those users well or creating loyalty once they have them.”

The Raleon platform tackles this challenge directly by providing projects with tools and solutions to genuinely comprehend their customer base – their identity, priorities, and, crucially, methods to interact in personalized and meaningful ways.

“Our platform takes this challenge head-on, equipping projects with tools and solutions to truly understand their customer base—who they are, what matters to them, and, most importantly, how to engage with them in ways that feel personal and relevant,” noted Jay Jenkins, Head of Product at Raleon.

Raleon’s Innovative Embedded Quests Revolutionize User Engagement in dApps

In response to the Web3 trend of employing quests for user retention, Raleon introduces its latest innovation, Embedded Quests, designed to empower decentralized applications (dApps) in seamlessly crafting personalized quests.

These quests seamlessly integrate into the dApp, eliminating the need for coding. 

This unique feature ensures precise user targeting through tailored tasks incorporating web2 and web3 data and spans a diverse array of actions, ranging from in-app engagements to on-chain tasks and even NFT ownership verification. Successful quest completion is rewarded.

“Raleon’s Embedded Quests allowed us to gamify our onboarding and conference experience—online, real life, and on-chain. The engagement with the Quests was great, as it gave new and existing community members a great way to have fun and be a part of Game7,” said Sarah Barchichat, Events Lead at Game7 and Windranger Labs.

Raleon’s solution, Embedded Quests, presents brands with a conversational, chat-like interface, allowing them to establish personalized customer journeys on their websites, thereby nurturing meaningful customer relationships.

Compared to prevalent web3 quests that often redirect users to external platforms for task completion, leading to a fragmented user experience with limited returns to the original brand’s website, Raleon’s Embedded Quests maintain a unified experience within the dApp. 

“The Embedded Quest feature is more than just gamification; it’s a versatile engagement tool,” said Nathan. 

Raleon’s proven effectiveness is underscored by its adoption among prominent figures in the Web3 arena, including industry leaders such as 0x, Phaver, and Game7.

Customers experienced a remarkable surge in conversion rates, exceeding 20%, activation rates soaring past 60%, and engagement rates skyrocketing by over 50% from the baseline.