Ethereum Blockchain’s “New Bitcoin,” Theorized To Yield Massive $138,328 Per $100 Invested

Mollars token was named as “Ethereum Blockchain’s New Bitcoin ” in a December 2023 report by leading digital currency media outlet, CryptoPotato.  It was possibly the first heard of the token, who’s founder created a whitepaper plan compelling enough to draw the interests of such educated crypto sources.  Today, just 4 months later, the token presale for $MOLLARS has grown by over $1.2-Million-Dollars and closing in on a massive milestone of 2 million tokens sold.  That success now has one crypto analyst calling the anomaly event a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity that could yield investors $138,328 per $100 invested.

This ‘Mollars theory’ was published on NewsBTC  just yesterday.   A decentralized finance journalist created a unique equation to make the prediction, reverse engineering  [by wallets] the current value of Bitcoin, top rival of $MOLLARS, as it has similar asset values.

What is Mollars Token & What Does It Do?

Mollars token and Bitcoin coin are both deflationary digital currencies; assets against the current global inflation crisis striking most of the world. As fiat currencies lose value, these two tokens will continue to maintain their value, appearing to appreciate as physical money goes down.  The reality however, these tokens are just holding their value.

How Much Value Does Each Holder Add to Bitcoin’s Value

The theorist divided Bitcoin’s current value by the number of people using it, to suggest each person or wallet that’s acquired $BTC (coin) has added approximately $0.0002768595 of value to the cryptocurrency.

However, with Bitcoin already being exposed to half the world’s total cryptocurrency users, it will be hard for it to make further substantial gains.  The +20,000,000% ROI yield days are not likely to happen in the near future.

Simply gaining another 1,000,000 wallets will be a tough feat for BTC or any cryptocurrency as it’s around 1/4th of one percent of the total crypto world.  But Bitcoin’s brand is already so big, there’s no new massive groups of investors for them to reach out to.  It will require more government influence first, more than likely.

Why Mollars Could Grow Faster In Value Than Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s new rival however, which has yet to launch on any crypto exchange.  It is yet to be exposed to any of the 450-million cryptocurrency traders that use public crypto exchanges today.

This is why there’s greater opportunity in the ICO stage, before a cryptocurrency’s branding value increases from mass recognition.

Sure, several hundreds of thousands have already bought this token in presale, but the number of crypto wallets that have pre-purchased rights to a share of $Mollars tokens is yet to surpass 1-million  It’s more so at a tipping scale to show it has enough support to build a massive marketing campaign after its launch on crypto exchanges, but it’s not been exposed to the general crypto world yet.

Therefore, it should be easier for Mollars to gain acceptance from 1-million crypto wallets before Bitcoin; At least without any abnormal influences such as governments.

1 Million Wallets Could Own Mollars Within 30 Days of CEX Listing

Mollars token has already seen days of over 110,000 tokens sold to crypto investors in 24 hours.    Once listed for trade on a trusted crypto exchange with millions of new users, repeating the feat could become easier.   And according to its whitepaper, that is already sure to happen, alongside the push from a pre-listing assigned marketing agency, that’s key goal will be increasing brand recognition.

Over 100,000 wallets adding the ERC-20 token to its holdings daily, would mean the 1-Million holders milestone could easily be reached within 1 month of listing.

If Mollars Gained the Same Value From Each Wallet Holding It

If Mollars token has the same value to its price per wallet holding it (aforementioned) as Bitcoin today, this would mean it could become worth $692.14 (USD) once it reaches the 1-million wallets goal.     Such an achievement would give every investor that purchases the $MOLLARS token during presale today, at $0.50 (cents), a take home profit of $691.64 per token purchased.

Furthermore, if achieved, a $100 investment today would yield a massively clean profit of $138,328 (USD).

The astronomical gains for these tokens is in part possible due to scarcity of Mollars token, which has less than half the total supply of Bitcoin.    Both have miniscule TTS numbers in comparison to other top coins such as Shiba Inu (SHIB), Bonk inu (BONK), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP), and Solana (SOL).

The other ingredient to their goliath gains is simply demand; massive adoption.

One Big Difference

One standalone factor for Mollars that differentiates it from all of these other top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin is the founder’s stance on ‘true decentralization’ .   All of the founders of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies, excluding Dogecoin, held incredibly high amounts of tokens for themselves before its launch on crypto exchanges. Many of them became multi-millionaires or billionaires for that reason.

Only Mollars and Dogecoin are truly ‘decentralized’ cryptocurrencies from all of those major brands.  Both $DOGE & $MOLLARS creators refuse to have any tokens be held or gifted free.  The complete token supply will be sold at fair market value.

Who Created or Founded Mollars Token

The founder of Mollars has made it clear they’re taking it even a step further, withholding names of the creator(s) involved.   The founder(s), who appeared to be keen to the coming crypto world’s problem with Bitcoin-blockchain’s fees,  will never be known and have no gains to be made from the token after it’s launched on crypto exchange.  This means no tokens withheld, no swappage fee incentives, no strings of greed attached.

If the token can still work without a founder, is not to be questioned either.  As history has already proven, the $DOGE coin was highly successful after its crypto exchange listings. It netted ROI yields of over 10,000,000% for its ICO investors, who pre-purchased the coin at a price of $0.00056.  Today the Dogecoin sits at $0.17 (cents), over doubling in value the last month.

Today it’s time for a new store-of-value token to challenge Bitcoin’s dominance.  It’s time that the $MOLLARS cryptocurrency gets listed on CEXES and DeFi analysts have their eyes on it. Crypto whales and sharks have also been feasting on the entry level offer and any growth in current demand levels would mean a parabolic uptrend in the token’s price after added to crypto exchanges

Though the massive ROI yields of $692.14 may seem immense, it won’t be the first time for cryptocurrency to see such gains.  And even crazier perhaps, that theoretical situation is far from Mollars token’s potential ceilings if the branding value is improved upon by a skilled marketing team.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.