09 Mar 2022 · 2 min read

Enchanted Labs Make NFT Debut at ETH Denver

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com. 

Not all events have long lines and major Hollywood celebrities. However, with the increased interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency from many stars, the decentralized arts community has found a way to be unique. In February, some of the most visionary minds in the art and digital field came together and created a one-of-a-kind blockchain event in Denver, CO. Dubbed the ETH Denver 2022, the star-studded event showcased the most recent advancements in blockchain technology. It also provided a unique opportunity to meet the key players from the games and entertainment industries.

Enchanted Labs, was one of the players present who unveiled their latest project, Meta Wizards. They are a team of top tier artists, entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts, video game developers, and marketing experts who have all come together to create everlasting magic in the Web3 and video game development space.

Meta Wizards is a competitive play-to-earn gaming platform built on blockchain technology. The project’s development team understands that the entertainment and gaming industries live and die by the quality of their creativity and have, therefore, not spared any expense. The one-of-a-kind project is any gamer or NFT enthusiast’s wildest dream in and outside the metaverse because of its utility. Backed by an expert team with diverse knowledge in the crypto space, the project developers hope to create a long-term project with a strong community deriving maximum value from it.

The Meta Wizards’ creative team leverages the talents of these individuals, ensuring that the value in the visual assets they provide to their community maintains its artistic integrity. In other words, every aspect of the project is of the highest standard.

Though the team plans to continue unveiling new project features, there are already lots of things users can take advantage of. For instance, owning a Wizard provides you access to a fully functional in-game character with unique abilities and attributes that allow you to race and battle against other opponents. You can win by both racing and betting on other players. You win cash rewards by racing your Wizard against 8 others within the Secret Cove and placing bets on which competitor will win.

The first, second, and third place winners are awarded a $MW coin. The more you play and win, the more $MW coins you earn. $MW coins, the platform’s native tokens, have real monetary value too. You can swap them for Ethereum or use them to upgrade your Wizard for a higher probability of winning.

In the coming months, the Meta Wizard team hopes to take their exploration into the metaverse to greater heights. The most elite Wizards will gain exclusive access and reside in the castle in celebration of the Meta Wizard Official Video Game launch. Later, the team will unveil racing tournaments, season pass releases, and gameplay streaming.