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Eagerly Anticipated: Bitgert Coin Price Surge Expected

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

The crypto market is primed for a bull run, and investors can’t be more anxious. Especially given how much bullish anticipation surrounded the Bitcoin halving.

Now that the Bitcoin halving has been completed, crypto coins are slowly picking up their paces as activities start heating up.

One of the coins that’s been popping up in crypto conversations is the Bitgert Coin (BRISE). Bitgert Coin caught the eye in the last bull run in March and sustained its momentum even when other altcoins surrendered to the bearish wave.

We’ll take a look at the Bitgert Coin (BRISE) to find out why there’s a lot of anticipation about it and if the coin is worth the hype.

How Bitgert Coin Withstood the Bearish Storm

After the short bull rally of early March, many crypto coins relapsed and, in fact, took back a major part of the profits their investors earned from the bullish run.

Bitgert Coin (BRISE) withstood the storm on its own. It was one of only a few altcoins that held their own for the longest. In the heat of the bearish onslaught, Bitgert Coin was returning up to 70% ROI to its investors, and the coin has since registered its place among the most resilient in the market.

Interestingly, that isn’t Bitgert Coin’s (BRISE) most significant stride on the price fronts. The Bitgert Coin, despite starting off as a relatively unknown coin, has grown by 40,000% since its launch. A pretty remarkable feat.

The Bitgert Blockchain Gives Bitgert Investors More Reasons to Hope

Two features that distinguish the best crypto blockchain in the Defi industry are speed and excellent user experience, and the Bitgert blockchain has both. The Bitgert blockchain is a layer 1 network, and its transaction speed cannot be unnoticed. At 100,000 transactions per second, the Bitgert network has processed over 25 million transactions. Developers would surely love this.

Apart from its speed, transactions on the Bitgert network are almost free. The network’s Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism does not require many validators to reach a consensus.

Activities on the Bitgert blockchain have spiked in the past few days. While many experts have linked it to the recent glitch on the Solana blockchain, enough indicators are pointing in the direction of the blockchain’s efficiency as the catalyst for its increasing adoption.

Final Thoughts

Experts have high hopes of a rally in the Bitgert project. While investors are hopeful, there are, in fact, sufficient indications of Bitgert Coin’s viability. The coin is backed by the growing Bitgert project, and as the native token on the blockchain, Bitgert Coin (BRISE) will have more use cases, and demand for the token will grow.  Read more on the project here.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.