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Despite the ongoing bear market, RobotEra has seen huge interest in its presale, raising more than $500,000 since its launch. 

The Metaverse’s New Gaming Behemoth 

RobotEra is a platform that allows users to build and explore a virtual world. It is known for its use of Web3 technology and its focus on community efforts to rebuild a destroyed planet. 

The platform is supported by LBank Labs and is considered to be a promising new addition to the growing field of metaverse platforms in the cryptocurrency space. The potential for future growth and adoption of the platform and its native token is still being explored.

How RobotEra Works

In RobotEra, players are transported to Taro – a decimated planet after an apocalyptic event. Taro is ready for rebuilding after years of settling, and players are tasked with reconstructing this planet by purchasing land, erecting structures, and engaging with other players in the ecosystem. 

All properties in the game are non fungible tokens (NFTs), from players’ avatars to land and even buildings. Players own whatever they purchase in the game. They can monetize them as they like and sell their assets within the game’s in-app marketplace at any point. 

RobotEra rewards players who participate in rebuilding the planet by purchasing land and engaging in other activities. Players can also compete in quests, and other side missions earn returns. 

It is also worth noting that players have an interesting opportunity to monetize their assets. For instance, players can purchase a billboard and charge brands for advertising rights or build a museum and charge ticket prices for anyone looking to view art. 

With the different monetization options available, RobotEra is a fascinating game for anyone looking to earn. 

Beginners Welcome 

Players looking to enjoy access to RobotEra will be happy to know they can play the game without coding skills. RobotEra’s developers have done a solid job of keeping the platform incredibly easy to use.

The developers of RobotEra are creating a virtual world that allows players to attend concerts and shows, play games, and personalize their property with custom artwork and soundtracks. 

They see the metaverse as the future of human interaction and believe that platforms like RobotEra have great potential for growth.

TARO – Ripe for Investment

RobotEra’s ecosystem is powered by TARO, which is used as a governance token, and used to purchase in-game assets.

As part of its initial rollout process, RobotEra is currently in the middle of a presale for its native TARO token

The developers of TARO have raised over $534,000 in recent weeks, indicating strong investor interest in the digital asset. This level of funding is impressive, particularly in a bear market, and suggests that TARO may experience significant gains in the future.

Investors can get TARO for just $0.02 at the moment, however, this will increase to $0.025 in the next stage of the presale. 

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